Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Biggest Loser Workouts that I've Done

I've done several of the workouts from The Biggest Loser and thought that I should create a list of them so they were all in one place.


The Biggest Loser Calorie Knockout Extreme Cardio for Maximum Burn

This one has three different circuits. It also has a warm up and a cool down. You can pick what you want to do or play them all. I've done all three of the circuits. You can read about them by clicking the circuit numbers below.

Circuit 1 - This was led by Ana and it was a kickboxing type of cardio workout. 
Circuit 2 - This was led by Bob Harper and it was pretty intense. It involved strength, cardio and yoga. 
Circuit 3 - This was led by Dolvett and it was a Tabata style.

The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga

This one has three different sessions. It also has a warm up and a cool down. You can pick what you want to do or play them all. I've only done the first session so far. You can read about it by clicking below.

Yoga Level 1 - This was 20 minutes and several basic yoga moves like Warrior 1 and Warrior 2.
Yoga Level 2 - This one was all about the abs! 
Yoga Level 3 - This one involved weights while doing yoga.


The Biggest Loser Power X-Train 

This is another one with three different workouts plus the warm up and cool down. You can play whatever you want or play them all. So far, I've only done the Metabolic Circuit. This one has an option to look at the 30 Day Workout Program. When you click on it, you see Weeks 1 through 4 listed. Then when you select a specific week, it gives you a recommendation for that week. Week 1 has to workout 6 days. You do each of the three programs twice. Week 2 has you workout 6 days as well, but one day, you'll do two workouts so you do the Metabolic Circuit 3 times and the other two twice each. Week three has you workout 6 days and you pick 2 days to workout twice. You do Metabolic Circuit and Power X-Train three times. Week four has you workout 6 days and you do two workouts on each day. It says you can do them back to back or you can do them separately. 

Metabolic Circuit - I did this workout about a year ago. I was at 309 pounds. It apparently was pretty dang tough for me back then. It used weights and had a lot of lunges and squats.
Power Training - This was led by Dolvett. I did this a year or so after the Metabolic Circuit.
All About Reps - I did this workout about a year after the Metabolic Circuit. I was 259 when I did it. It was pretty intense, but I made it through without taking any breaks other than the 60 seconds between rounds. 


The Biggest Loser: The Workout

I think this was the original one because it doesn't have a secondary catchy name. It's just The Biggest Loser The Workout. This one has four workouts plus a warm up and a cool down. The DVD says the cool down is 20 minutes, but it's only 10. It's a lot of yoga poses. Bob is the instructor for all of them. The DVD has a prefab workout program that's listed as a 6 week program. You can do the prefab stuff or you can customize and do whatever you want. The prefab thing says for weeks 1-3 to workout 6 days a week and alternate workouts #1 and #3. Then it says for weeks 2-4 to workout 6 days a week and alternat workouts 2 and 4. I think they meant to say weeks 4-6, but they very clearly wrote weeks 2-4. Made my head hurt at first. The DVD gives you the option of playing the workouts with just the music or having the instructor speaking as well.

Low Intensity Cardio - This one is 25 minutes and it kicked my butt way back a year ago. I love going back and reading my posts from back then. 
High Intensity Cardio - This was high intensity for sure! There were four basic rounds. We started small and built on the moves until we were bouncing around and breathing heavy. It was a good workout. 
Strength and Sculpt - I liked this workout. It had a lot of doable strength training moves and he made them more intense by changing things up. We held a position for a bit or did small pulses. It really worked me over!


The Biggest Loser Power Walk

This one had four walking segments plus a warm up and a cool down. You can do whichever you want or all of them. Bob led the first and third miles, and former contestants lead the second and fourth miles.

I did all of this on one day so I don't have multiple posts for the different segments. You can read about the whole workout by checking out my review post on The Biggest Loser The Workout Power Walk. If you like walking workouts, checkout Leslie Sansone. She has tons of them that are better than this one. 

The Biggest Loser Cardio Max Weight-Loss

I did all three of the workouts in this one on the same day. If you're just starting out, I don't recommend doing that, but I've been workout for about a year, so I jumped right into all three since I had the time and I wanted to get this DVD done! It's pretty intense if you do it all at one time. I wasn't sure if I would be able to walk the next day, but I was able to. I was pretty happy. This mixed cardio bursts with some strength training. The strength training stuff still gets your heart pumping too. You can read a play by play of the workout on my post about The Biggest Loser Cardio Max Weight-Loss.

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