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The Biggest Loser The Workout Power X-Train Review Part 3


Power X-Train

This DVD had three different workouts. I did them on three different days. The first one was about a year ago. It was the Metabolic Circuit that I did back then. The other day, I did All About Reps. This time I did Power Training. Dolvett led this one. He also led the warm up and cool down on this workout. I love Dolvett on the show. He's probably my favorite trainer on there, but in a DVD, he's just weird. I've already talked about the warm up and cool down on previous DVDs, so I won't bore you with that on this post. I'm going to focus on the actual workout. 

We only had one dumbbell for this workout. We started with curtsy lunges with a shoulder press. We went down into the lunge and then came up into a shoulder press with one arm. We did each move for 60 seconds. Then we switched sides. There are no timers on this which was highly annoying. I like my timers now! I never liked them before, but now I need them. It's especially important when trainers like Dolvett keep saying, "Just a couple seconds." As I'm watching this, he just said, "Three more. And by three, I mean a lot." He said three more, but it was like 30 seconds more. He's so annoying. 

We set the weight down and then did something that's hard to explain. Our feet were out side. We then squatted down and touched a hand down to the opposite foot. Then we did the other hand to the opposite foot. Then we stood up, jumped our feet back together and then jumped them out. One of the guys didn't land in the middle. He just jumped up high enough that he could touch his feet together than then kick them back out before he landed. That was awesome. I tried one and decided I was done with that. 

We then moved into a forward lunge with two rows. So we went to the forward lunge and then did two single arm rows and then back up into a standing position. This was hard for me because I don't do well with forward lunges. I thought about just doing backward lunges, but I'm only going to get better at forward lunges if I actually do them. I can step out okay now. It used to hurt my knee to step forward. However, getting back up still takes a stutter step in the middle. It's getting better, but I'm not quite there yet. Then we did the other side.

We set the weight down. We placed one leg back behind us kind of like in a lunge position, but not that far back. Then we brought that leg forward and raised the knee. We did a jump on the plant leg. I was doing kind of a bounce and not really a jump. 

Then we went down on the floor and did push ups with a shoulder tap. So we did a push up and then touched one hand to the opposite shoulder. We alternated which hand did the tapping. I did these on my knees. Dolvett had one of the guys touch both shoulders at one time for one rep. 

Then we got down on our butts. We had our hands behind us and our legs bent in front of us. We then lifted our butts off the floor as high as we could go. It was reverse table top position I think. We just kept going up and down with it. This was to work our triceps, but I don't think I felt it there.

Then we got back up and did that lunge to knee lift to jump thing. At the end of this move, he made it sound like the workout was done, but it wasn't. He kept driving me nuts with that.

Then we did one arm kettlebell swings with dumbbells. I should have grabbed my bell, but I just did it the way he was having them do it. We did each arm. 

Then we got down on the floor in push up position and did jumping jack moves with our legs. I'm so not a fan of these. Apparently neither was one of the people in the workout because she stopped a few times during it. I didn't have to stop. YAY!

Then we were back on our butts again. We had our legs bent in front of us. We were supposed to keep our feet up if we could. I couldn't. We touched both hands to the floor to one side, then reached up and then touched down to the opposite side. We went back and forth with that. My abs were killing me! This was torture! Even keeping my feet on the floor was hard! 

The last move was called Crescent Moons according to him. We kept our hands on the floor behind us. We then lifting our legs up and arced them over to the other side and back. One of the guys looked like he was going to die doing these. I guess I just wasn't doing them right because it wasn't torture for me to do these. 

Then we stretched for a few seconds before going into the cool down.

Overall, this would have been a much better workout if he hadn't kept saying, "A couple more seconds." Tell me the bloody truth! Give me a timer people! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot from the workout. I'm kind of bummed about only 9 minutes of activity! I really miss Les Mills Combat and my crazy activity minutes and vigorous minutes! 

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