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Review of The Biggest Loser the Workout Strength and Sculpt

Strength and Sculpt

This is the third workout that I've done from The Biggest Loser The Workout. I've done different DVDs from this series, but this is my third from this DVD. You can read about the others on my posts Boot Camp and Low Intensity Cardio. I did those workouts about a year ago. I was over 300 pounds then. Now, I'm 257 and have been working out pretty solid for about a year. It's amazing the difference a year can make. 

This workout only had two contestants in it. Bob led the workout. It was all about strength training. We did each exercise for a minute. 

We started off with single arm bent over rows. We were in a lunge position and just kept rowing. We did one side and then switched to the other. We did 30 seconds of this on each side. 

Then we picked up both weights and did Pec Deck. We put our arms up at a 90 degree angle out to the side. Then we brought our hands and elbows in to the center. I was using 10 pound weights. This was hard. He had us hold it in for a few seconds at one point and then we went back to moving for the rest of the round. 

Then we did squats with the weights down by our sides. I could have done these with heavier weights, but I don't have heavier weights. It always intrigues me that these workouts just use the same set of weights for the entire thing. 10 pound weights with squats is like nothing, but 10 pounds on those pec decks was HARD! 

Then we did overhead presses. I kept with the 10 pound weights, but it was tough. My shoulders are just not as strong as I'd like them to be. I've made great progress with them though. I made it through this round. For a few reps he had us alternate our arms instead of doing them both at the same time. Then we started moving again and then we held it with our arms down. That part was really really rough! 

Then we did bicep curls. We were supposed to squeeze at the top. Then we did pulses at the top. Then we held it half way down. That was fun!

Then we did lunges with the weights. They were forward lunges. We alternated legs. I don't do so well with forward lunges. I'm getting better. I was able to step out far enough, but stepping back involved a half step in the middle. I'm getting better, but I still suck. Doing these with 10 pound weights was no big deal. We did have to hold a lunge on each side for about 15 seconds. That was killer! 

Then we did wide squats with the weights. About halfway through, we did short pulses. Then we went back to the full range of motion. The pulses are hard! Then we held it for about 12 seconds. We did these with the weights, but again, leg stuff with 10 pound weights is nothing.

Then we got down on the floor on our backs. We did tricep extensions. I really like these on my back instead of standing up. If we had a bar, these would have been called skull crushers. So Google that if you want to see the form. I did these with the 10 pound weights. They were much easier to do like this with the 10 pounders than standing up like in 21 Day Fix. 

Then we set the weights down and went into Bridge. We lifted into it and then lowered down. To make it harder, we stretched one leg out and then did it. We did each side for a few reps.  Then we put both legs down and held the Bridge position. Then we did little pulses up. This wasn't that bad. Then we held it again. 

Then we did reverse curls. We picked up chest up off the floor like in a crunch. Then we pulled our knees in towards our chests. We were supposed to get our butts off the mat every time. This wasn't bad as long as I didn't put my feet down too low. I felt it in my back then.

Then we did oblique crunches. Both feet were on the floor. We crunched up and tried to meet an elbow to the opposite knee. We alternated sides. We held each side up for about 10 seconds and then went back to alternating. The holds and the short range of motion bursts on some of these really amped up the intensity of this.

Then we did regular crunches. My abs were killing me by the time we were done with this. We were supposed to get our shoulders off the mat each time. We did some short pulses on top and then held it as high as we could for a few seconds.

Then we moved into Plank. We started on our knees and then went up onto our toes. This was an elbow plank. My least favorite planks. I had to take a couple breaks on this one. 

Then we went to Baby Cobra. We went up and lowered a few times. Then we transitioned into Supermans. We held this one for the last few seconds.

Then we moved to Child's Pose. 

I didn't have time to do the cool down. The back of the DVD said that it was 20 minutes. Turns out, it's only 10 minutes, but I did 5 minutes of it. If I had known it was only 10 minutes, I would have done the whole thing. 

I liked the workout. I was a little sore in my shoulders and triceps the next day. I could feel it in my legs too. I haven't really gotten crazy sore lately though. I kinda miss it. I'm hoping BodyBeast will do that. I start tomorrow! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

This wasn't a fast paced cardio workout, so the BodyMedia device thinks I was sitting on the couch eating bon bons. That drives me nuts. I was sweating and breathing heavy. Ugh. Oh well. I guess I need to get used to this since this is what Body Beast will be like! 

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