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Review of 21 Day Fix Extreme Day 6: Dirty 30 Extreme

Day 6: Dirty 30 Extreme

Day 6 was Dirty 30 Extreme. I couldn't really remember anything about Dirty 30 from 21 Day Fix, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. It certainly wasn't more squats and lunges, but that's what I got! My whole body was pretty much sore at this point. I felt like it had been leg day for pretty much the entire week. My upper body still hurt from Upper Fix Extreme and Pilates Fix Extreme. I almost didn't workout because I was sore and tired and I had gotten used to no workouts on Saturday. I convinced myself to get up and workout though and I'm glad that I did. 

This one was like the other workouts where we did three rounds and each round had two exercises that we did twice. This one also had a bonus round. I really hate bonus rounds. I just want to know what I'm getting into from the start. If there was an exercise that was for one leg, we did both legs in each half of the round instead of the left side first half and the right side second half like in 21 Day Fix. Each exercise lasted 60 seconds and there was about a 10 second break between. The warm up was about a minute and a half and it was just standard warm up stuff like running in place, lunges, and shoulder circles.We used a light set of weights and a heavy set of weights.

Round 1: Half Moon Curtsy Lunges and Squat Presses

The Half Moon Curtsy Lunges were oh so fun. Curtsy lunges have always been a challenge for me, but we used weights for this. We held the weights down by our sides. Our palms were facing forward. We stretched our arms out and up over our heads. Our arms stayed straight and arced up. My shoulders were not really digging this. I used the five pound weights for the first half of the round, but switched to two pounds for the second half of the round. Even going to the lower weights was hard! I had to skip a few reps with the arm movements. I kept up with the legs though.

The Squat Press was another fun one. My shoulders are just so whimpy. We squatted down and did a shoulder press on the way up. I started with the fives, but used my two pound weights for the second half of the round. 

Round 2: Push Up Row and Sword Pull Lunge

The Push Up Rows were hard! It was basically like doing alternating Renegade Rows but with a push up in the middle of each row. I just can't do push ups and I can't really hold the push up position while doing Renegade Rows. I ended up down on my knees. I hate that though. I hate modifying more than the modifier. 

The Sword Pull Lunges were new for me. I kinda liked them too. I started with my two pound weights because it was a shoulder move and my shoulders are weak, but I switched to the five pound weights for the second half of the round. Okay, so you do a lateral lunge and as you come down into the lunge, the weight is in your left hand and ends up at your right knee (if you're lunging to the right). Then you come out of the lunge and bring your feet back together. As you do that, you keep your arm straight as you pull the weight at an angle from your right knee to out to the left wall. Your hand ends up higher than your shoulder but not by a lot. It's hard to describe, but I kinda liked this one!

Round 3: Single Leg Squat Row and Lunge with a Row and a Curl

The first move was a single leg squat row. We had weights in both hands. We did a single leg squat. So one leg had the foot off the floor and as we squatted down, we leaned forward and the raised leg went back. Then we came out of it and brought the raised leg in front into a knee lift as we did a front row. I used five pound weights for this. It was enough for my legs, but not enough for my shoulders. It's pretty weird that I was complaining about my shoulders in the first round, but this one they were fine. 

The second move was interesting. we went into a forward lunge. We did a bent over row and then returned back to a standing position where we did a hammer curl. This was another one where my lower body wasn't digging it, but my upper body was fine. I need heavier weights to fell it in the row and the curl, but my legs can't really handle more weight for this one. Maybe in time it will be better though. This week was pretty rough on my legs.

Bonus Round: Plank Crunch

I was ready for the workout to be done, but I knew that it couldn't be because there was too much time left for a cool down. She likes to sneak bonus rounds in so I knew it was coming. This thing was torture! It was only a one minute round, but it was HARD! So you're in a plank position and you have a light weight in your hand. You stretch your right hand out forward and your left leg back. Then you take the arm and leg out to the side and then pull them in for a crunch. I couldn't do this in plank position. I had to go down on my knees. When they call this workout 21 Day Fix Extreme, they are NOT joking! There is some stuff in there that is just crazy hard and this is one of them!

The coold own was just normal stretching stuff. Most of this one was actually done on the floor and it was a little longer than some of the others. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

My heart rate was pretty high for this one too. It still doesn't feel like it's that high. I think my calorie burn is higher on here than it really was since my heart rate was going so fast. 

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

If you decide you want to try the program out, be sure to buy it from a coach so you get the free DVD that you can't get through other sources. If you don't have a coach, you can sign up with me. 

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