Monday, September 4, 2017

Primal Life Organics Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder

As I've mentioned before, I recently started seeing a Naturopath and found out that I have Estrogen Dominance. I'm on some natural supplements to help this problem, but I'm also working on reducing the phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens from my life. I've been looking at the EWG site to find to find products that are better for me and better for the environment. While in that searching process, I came across an ad on Facebook for Primal Life Organics Dirty Mouth Organic Toothpowder. They had a free small jar, but you had to pay $7.95 for shipping. I figured that I could handle $7.95 to try it out. It shipped quickly and arrived about a week after I signed up for it. It came with coupons off a future order as well.

It has fice ingredients and they are Extra fine Bentonite Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Alum free Baking Soda, French Green Clay, organic Peppermint Essential Oil. I couldn't find this formula on the EWG site, but the 2014 formula was rated as a 1. I don't see anything different about the 2014 formula and what I got so I'll assume it's a 1. 

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew this would be a different experience. This little jar has a bunch of powder in it. You wet your toothbrush and then dip it into the powder. The stuff doesn't foam up like normal toothpaste, but that actually was a plus in my book. I hate frothing at the mouth while brushing my teeth. I also hate dribbling that stuff all over my shirt. I hate having to rinse it all out of my mouth and I hate having the taste in my mouth for like 30 minutes. This stuff has none of those issues. It's a bit odd at first though because it tastes like clay. It's made out of it, so it's to be expected. 

The powder turned my spit a clay like color. It was easy to rinse out and I didn't dribble it all over my shirt. My teeth actually felt cleaner. It felt similar to leaving the dentist office after getting a cleaning. I had a cleaning about a month ago, so I didn't have any plaque build up, so it's hard to say if it would remove any of that. I will say that I believe my gums look healthier after using this twice a day for a week. I didn't take pics because I didn't expect anything drastic to happen, but I do think my teeth are whiter as well. 

I'm looking forward to continuing to use this product for the next three weeks. My $7.95 sample jar is supposed to last for a month. I'm not sure if I'll get this product or try to find one that is listed as EWG certified. I'll have to do more research about Bentonite which is listed as a 2 on EWG.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this product. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Easyish Hike to White River Falls near Tygh Valley, Oregon

We finally went on a hike! My physical therapist told me that I had to hike this weekend, so we did! We drover over an hour to get there and over an hour to get back, and it was only a 30 minute hike, but whatever! It was a new to us location and it had a waterfall! I absolutely loved this waterfall! They call it a two tier water fall. You can see the big tier at the top of the pic and the smaller one at the bottom of the pic, but there are also some mini tiers too so, it's a pretty impressive place. Hubby wasn't as excited as I was over it though. The pic he saw online had water falling across the entire top tier, but there wasn't as much water the day we went so there's the water you can see in this pic above and then some more to the right in the pic below.

The park is about 35 miles south of the Dalles. You'll have to use Google to figure out how to get there because I'm horrible with directions. There was plenty of parking available the day that we went, but I'm not sure what it's normally like there. It was pretty smokey out the day we went. You can see how ugly the sky is in the pic above. The park isn't very big. It's pretty much a parking lot, a bathroom, a couple picnic tables and the trail to the waterfall.

On the way into the park, there was a sign about the mosquito population. It was just a white poster board kind of thing that someone wrote on with markers. I'm not sure who put it up or who keeps it updated, but there were all sorts of revisions about how bad the mosquitoes were. We didn't see any when we went on 9/3/2017.

The bathrooms are normal bathrooms with plumbing and running water! No vault toilets in this state park! There was even a sink with soap. They even had paper towels. There was plenty of toilet paper too! Sometimes, it's the little things that get me excited.

You can see the top tier of the falls from the viewpoint near the parking lot, but you need to walk down the path to see the lower falls. It's worth walking down. It starts off paved, but that doesn't last long. So you switch over to rocky packed dirt. It's a bit steep at times too. It's a pretty short walk down to see the lower falls. I think like an eighth of a mile or so to get you the view for the top pic. From that point, you can see the old power plant down lower. It's another eighthish mile down to the power plan. However, it's horrible stairs and more steep rocky parts to get there. The length of the hike is why I tagged this as easyish. It's super short. It's steep and rocky though. I had my hiking poles. Hubby didn't use his.

We thought we were going to be able to walk around the power plant and get up closer to the waterfall, so we went down the crazy stairs. There was a bunch of Caution Do Not Cross tape up though, so we couldn't get around the building. We really wanted to get closer, but there are people who stay at the park and we were afraid we might get in trouble if we crossed the tape. We're chickens! Oh well. They also had a sign at the beginning of the hike letting us know that we weren't supposed to go to certain area. I totally missed the rattlesnake sign the first time I looked at that one! OMG!

The building was interesting. Hubby got some good shots inside of it, but I didn't take any.

We both were happy that we went and it was a good test for my leg. I did really well in terms of strength and lack of pain. I was so focused on the fact that I couldn't breath so I didn't really spend any time worrying about my foot. Without my hiking poles, I would not have gotten through this one. Hubby did find without his hiking poles. I had to take a few breaks. I wanted to die by the time I got out of there. I felt soooooooo out of shape, but I also felt pretty happy that I was able to do it. 

I forgot to bring my heart rate monitor and I forgot to set up the GPS app on my phone so I don't have an accurate distance or elevation gain/loss. I read somewhere that it was .7 mile out and back with 200 feet of loss then gain, but it didn't feel like .7 so maybe that's if you can get all the way around the building and closer to the waterfalls. The 200 feet might be accurate. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant Unscented No Aluminum

In my previous post, I mentioned that I have had some medical issues. I'll get into that later in much detail, but for now, I'll just say that I've recently learned that I'm Estrogen Dominant, so I'm on a mission to rid myself of xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens. I'm seeing a Naturopath. She's amazing. So I'm not getting treated with hormone replacement therapy or anything made by the pharmaceutical companies. I get natural supplements. Again, I'll talk more about that later. As part of my pursuit to rid my life of the phytoestrogrens and xenoestrogens, I'm trying out new personal hygiene products. This is some scary stuff. My goal was to start with something pretty benign like body wash or shampoo. I wasn't quite ready to jump into the crazy world of deodorants without antiperspirants, but here I am writing about one. 

So the background story of how this happened. I was out of deodorant. I meant OUT of deodorant. I normally use Degree Men Dry Protection Anti-Perspirant, Cool Rush. I'm not a guy, but I sweat and I stink like a guy. Degree for Men had been the only thing that ever kept my dry and not stinky. It had to be Cool Rush too because of my lovely breathing issues. I tried Degree Men Dry Protection Antiperspirant, Extreme Blast, but I was coughing in no time. Anyway, once I find a product I like, I stick with it until it's discontinued. I've been using the same deodorant for years. You could probably even put it into decades by now! I wasn't ready to switch, but I was out! I knew I didn't want to get the same stuff with the aluminum in it. I didn't want to get the same stuff which was rated as a 4 on the EWG site. I'll talk more about the site later.

Anyway, a friend of mine suggested that I get the Dove one. She said they had a deodorant and antiperspirant that had no aluminum so it was going to be my baby step down the EWG numbers. However, I couldn't find it at Walmart. Keep in mind, I didn't have much time to shop since we were on a timeline to get somewhere. I didn't spend a ton of time looking at each one. My vision also sucks so I had to have hubby read the labels. He totally loved that. Anyway, I saw a sticker that said No Aluminum on Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Care Deodorant Stick, so I grabbed it and headed to the checkout.

When I checked the EWG site, Tom's of Main was listed as a 1. I felt pretty proud of myself! I moved down three spots on the list! (Down is the direction you want to go.) I was scared to try it and end up all stinky and sweaty, but I had no choice. I went for it. It was a bit odd at first, but I got used to it. It felt like I didn't have any deodorant on. It went on smoothly, but it's more of glycerin kind of thing than the solid lotionlike substance of Degree. My pit skin was sticking together! How pleasant! I made it through the first day without incident though. I didn't have sweat pouring out of me and my shirt wasn't wet. I didn't stink either. However, we pretty much did grocery shopping and sat on the couch that day.

I have now used it for almost a full week. The packaging says "Long Lasting Natural 24 Hour Odor Protection." I don't agree with that claim for my life. Maybe if you don't do anything all day, it's fine. Maybe if you don't sweat like a man, it's fine. Twice this week, I went to physical therapy before work. Each time, I was starting to smell like onions before I made it to work. I had to get a second hit of deodorant because there was no way I was going to make it through the day. On the days after I had physical therapy, I worked out at my house before my morning shower. So here's the chain of events.......

5:00 AM: Shower
5:20 AM: Applied Deodorant
7:00 AM: Physical Therapy
9:00 AM: Second hit of Deodorant after verifying that my pits indeed stink like onions
4:00 AM: the following morning workout at home
5:00 AM: My pits stand bad as I was getting into the shower

By the time my workout was over, I stank and I stank bad! I didn't want to be near me. I can't imagine how other people would have felt being near me. However, I did not take the time to wake up my husband to get his opinion on if I stank or not.

Bottom Line.......This is NOT the deodorant for me at this point in my life. At Walmart, it was about $4.50 for one stick. It was on sale at Natural Grocer's for $3.99 the next day. I hate to waste the money, but I seriously can't just keep checking my pits and reapplying deodorant. Maybe I can get my money out of it by using it for my Sunday lazy day deodorant. That's about all it can handle. I have heard though that the healthier you get, the less your pits stink so maybe I just need to give it a few months of detoxifying and then try it again.

I'll let you know what I end up with next and tell you how it goes.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Life Update!!

It has been far too long since I've written a blog post! It's August 31st and my last post was in April! It's been over four months! I miss this so much, but I just never have time for it. I've decided that I really need to make time for it though. It makes me happy and we all need more happiness in our lives.

If you've been following along, you may remember that I broke my foot back on December 30, 2016. I was off my foot until April 1st, 2017. I finally got out of the boot at the end of May and started physical therapy in June. At first it was super simple stuff, but it hurt so bad! I was seriously just tasked with things like moving my toes up and down, lifting my heel up off the floor while I was seated, and laying on my recliner with a stretchy band under my foot and pushing the ball of my foot down as far as I could then moving it back up. That would seriously wear me out. It HURT! Every day it got a little better though. I slowly progressed into doing some of that same type stuff but while standing up! Here we are at the end up August, a full eight months from when it happened and I still can't walk right. I'm getting there though. I've graduated to some intense stuff like leg presses and plyo jumps on the leg press. Oh and my all time favorite exercise is "toe walking." I get up on the balls of my feet and walk. He says I should be able to do it barefoot, but right now, I still need shoes! I'm practicing without shoes though, but I make it about four feet.

At some point in the last few months, I decided that it was time to get my medical issues figured out. I'm tired of doctors telling me that I just need to eat more vegetables and work out harder. I've been there and done that, but it just hasn't worked for me. I've tried a ton of different nutrition plans and I've tried a ton of different workout programs. I drop a few pounds in the beginning, but then stall. My most recent attempt at losing weight was my most successful. I dropped close to 60 pounds. That journey started in January of 2014. That's when I started the blog. I went back and re-read my first blog post. I sounded pretty miserable. I also was apparently a bit misinformed. I wasn't fat just because I was making excuses. I had legitimate medical issues that were helping to make me fat.

So I've got this friend who is all into natural medicine. She gets all excited about hormones and stuff. She's been trying to get me to get a bunch of tests to find out what's wrong with me. However, I've ignored her because fat people are fat because they eat too much and don't exercise enough and they make excuses. It was also too much for me to process and a lot of it seems quite hokey.

So fast forward to April of this year. I put $2,000 into my medical savings plan because I needed oral surgery that was supposedly going to cost that much. My deadline was April 30th to decide what to put in there, but I wasn't ready to get the consult done because I had to wait for my teeth around the area to align properly. I committed to $2,000 and you can't change that after the fact. So in June, I'm ready for the consult and find out it's going to cost under $700 and insurance is going to pay for the bulk of it. Huh, now what am I going to do with $2,000 in medical savings? Keep in mind that I need to spend it as fast as I can because I want to leave my job, so if I leave the job and don't spent it, that money is gone from my life. First thought was for hubby to go get his teeth taken care of. I manage to find a dentist he's willing to go to. Only problem is, his teeth aren't nearly as bad as I thought and that's only going to take up like $500 of my $2000! I wracked my brain to come up with a way to spend the rest of the money.

So recently, I went to a Naturopath. She ran a bunch of tests and started spending my money. However, a bunch of those were actually covered by insurance too. Who knew it would be so hard to spend $2,000! I'll write more about the specifics of the tests, the results and the treatments later. It's exciting stuff. I'm still waiting on the results of one of the tests. I get that a week from tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that one will be positive and I'll have one hell of a fun experience after that! I'm so not looking forward to that. I'm rambling though.

To sum everything up..........My foot is getting better, My belly is getting better and My head is getting better! Now, I need to make sure I don't give up on the blog this time because giving up on the blog is like giving up on myself. When I stalled out and got super busy last summer, I stopped writing in the blog, but the blog was the thing that kept me anchored to this weight loss journey. Without the drive to write a blog post about my workouts, I didn't have the drive to actually work out. I didn't have the drive to find new healthy recipes to try. I didn't have the drive to do much really. Blogging makes me happy and we all need as much happiness as possible.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Get Up and Get Started 1 Mile Walk Revisited


I did this one two workouts in a row, but I woke up feeling great, so I did this one standing up. I went pretty slow. I kept my knee lifts, kicks and kickbacks very gentle and I didn't sit down into any of the side steps. You can read a play by play of the workout from my original post back in January of 2014. You can also read my modified chair version from last week.  

I didn't use the weights either. It actually felt really great! I felt like a normal human being. I was in a pretty decent mood for most of the day after the workout too! However, once the ibuprofen wore off, I realized hat I felt great when I woke up because of the ibuprofen still in my system and not because I was magically healed. Lesson learned. 

I'm really looking forward to getting out of this boot and being able to exercise like a normal person. I forgot how much exercise really does make me feel better. I don't necessarily love the experience while it's happening, but it does improve my mood for the rest of the day. I've been pretty bummed lately and having a it of a woe is me attitude on life. I'm just so tired of all the baggage life has to offer. A lot of crap has happened over the last three years and I'm ready for it to be over with. I'm hoping that once the car situation gets handled, it will be a nice calm year. I need a nice calm year. 

I don't have any charts of the workout. One of these days, I'll get through the bags in the garage, but right now I still have a naked Christmas tree in my living room, so I'm not really optimistic about getting that heart rate monitor anytime in the next few days or even weeks at this point. 

Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Get Up and Get Started 1 Mile Walk Revisited


I'm still in my boot while I recover from breaking my foot three and a half months ago, but I need to be working out. I made a plan to do some form of exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I must stick with that. I need to get into the routine before the boot comes off because once the boot comes off, I have to go pretty hard core on this. I'm not talking about running once the boot is off, but it needs to be more than 15 minutes of chair exercise once the boot is off.

I decided to try this Walk Away the Pounds workout in a chair. I knew it was going to take a bit of modifying, but I wanted someone telling me when it was time to change to a new move even if I wasn't doing the exact move that everyone else was doing. I have to get a bit creative while I'm in the boot. It was a good thought, but it wasn't exactly a great experience.

You can read a full play by play of the workout on my post from way back in January of 2014 when I wrote about the Walk Away the Pounds 5-Day Fit Walk Get Up and Get Started 1 Mile. This would have been one of my first workouts after starting the blog. Wow!!

So the arm movements were easy since I didn't have to modify those. Although, my shoulders did get a bit tired during the workout and I wasn't even using weights. When she had us walking in the video, I just lifting my feet up off the floor a little and marked in place in the chair. We did a lot of this and it was actually a bit challenging as time went on. I was actually thinking it might make me sore the next day. It didn't, but I thought it was going to. When she did knee lifts, I tried to raise my knee up higher and gently lower it back down so I didn't whack my foot too hard on the floor. When she did kicks, I did a kicking motion, but it didn't have much oomph to it. When she did side steps, I got all sorts of messed up in my brain. I tried to move my right foot right and then my left foot right. Then my left foot left and my right foot left. It didn't really go so well and I just gave up with trying to convince my feet to go where my brain wanted them to go and just let them go where they wanted as long as they were going sideways. When she did kickbacks, I ended up tapping my toot up onto a kitchen steps stool that I had. When she did double side steps, I don't even know what my feet did. I could barely handle single sidesteps. Doubles were just madness.

This workout did get my heart rate up a bit when I was doing stuff with my arms. When there were no arm movements, it wasn't much of a workout as far as cardio is concerned since I wasn't making very big movements.

This wasn't very fun or exciting, but it got the job done. I moved. I felt better for having gotten through the first week of my new plan of working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I learned that it really sucks working out in a chair and I learned just how far I've let things go over the past year. I can only blame so much on my foot. I've let all of life's struggles get in the way of taking care of myself and I need to change that. I need to put me first for a change. I need to tell other people that I can't be everything to everyone. I need to focus on me and getting rid of this fat for good. I'm not even sure how much weight I've gained because I can't get on the scale because of my foot (or at least that's my excuse for not getting on the scale and facing reality) What I do know though......I know that I'm wearing the biggest pair of pants that I've ever worn. It's a bigger size than when I started the blog and buying those jeans at Walmart and having them be the biggest pair in the store was what prompted me to start working out again. I'm tired of this up and down crap. I'm tired of letting other things become more important than me.

I don't have any graphs or charts of the workout. I still haven't found my heart rate monitor. I haven't actually looked for it yet though.

Friday, April 7, 2017

21 Day Fix Extreme 10 Minute Harcore Revisited

21 Day Fix Extreme 10 Minute Hardcore

Since I'm still recovering from my broken foot, I needed a nice short workout that I could do on my back. I wanted to do the 21 Day Fix 10 Minute Ab Fix, but my friend hasn't returned it so I picked 21 Day Fix Extreme 10 Minute Hardcore in hopes that it was doable. I did it awhile ago, but couldn't remember it.

My workout room is a mess so I had to do this in the living room. There's not much padding in the living room. It wasn't pleasant. I almost gave up after laying on the floor because my lower back wasn't feeling so good, but I didn't give up!

I thought this used a band, but I was wrong. She did use one weight some some of it but I didn't use it because I'm a wimp now and I've got enough pain to deal with so I didn't want to be too sore. There were only six moves and they lasted a minute. You can read the play by play on my Previous post about the workout.

I did the plank position thing on my knees to make it doable. I think my doctor would frown on the plank while wearing a boot on my foot. Overall, I'm pleased with how it went and I was a little sore the following day.

My plan was to workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I got the Monday and Wednesday part done on schedule even though I was tired and not in the mood to workout. I don't have stats for the workout because I still haven't found the heart rate monitor.

Jessica Smith 20 Minute Seated Total Body Chair Workout

I finally got to walk after my broken foot experience. I'm still in the boot though so there isn't a lot I can do in terms of exercise. I really wanted to start working out though so I opted for a chair workout from Jessica Smith. I've done several of her other workouts including another chair workout. I really like her and the dog!

I'm not going to do a play by play of this one because I don't have time and I want to get caught up on the blog. All of the stuff was pretty simple, but I did have to give my arms a few breaks. My shoulders were sore going into this though so that's my excuse. I wasn't sore the next day from this one but it was nice to feel like I was getting back in the rhythm of working out. 

I don't have stats for the workout. I'm not even sure where my heart rate monitor is. I think it's in the bag of stuff from my car. Oh my poor car. That's a story for another post. 

Finally walking again

I've been so terrible since I broke my foot. Well to be honest, it's been since last summer. January was going to be my new beginning, but then I broke my foot. You can read all about my horrible experience at Urgent Care. I'm going to start posting more but it could take a bit for that to happen. In the mean time,  I wanted to give an update on my foot.

The first doctor said it wasn't broken. She told me not to walk on it for three days and then do whatever felt good. She suggested a follow up in one to two weeks. I pushed it out to the two weeks but then the weather was horrible so I extended it to three weeks. That's when I found out my foot was actually broken. They said to stay off of it for six weeks. They also wanted to do a CT scan. It took three weeks for that to get approved. I bought a knee scooter from Amazon. It was cheaper to buy versus rent it. The thing was a life saver. If you ever need one, splurge and get the basket.

Okay so CT showed five broken bones in my foot so I had to have a total of 8 weeks off the foot. At my 8 week checkup, they added two more weeks because my foot still hurt at my 8 week checkup. Going around on the scooter for 10 weeks was rough, but it would have been worse on crutches.

On April, 1st, I got to walk again! It was rather interesting trying to walk again. I had some balance issues and I had to walk on the heel of my foot so no weight was on the ball of my foot. It's now been a week. I've got some blisters and my heel is sore but I'm getting around pretty well.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

My less than pleasant trip to Urgent Care

I would like to start out by talking about karma. Karma is the theory of what goes around, comes around. I'm a strong believer in it and I try to live my life in a positive manner so I get good back. However, I'm also a bit of a prankster which isn't good for karma. It should be though since I'm trying to spread joy. Sometimes it backfires. This karma thing is why I don't believe in calling in sick if you aren't sick. You also shouldn't say your kid is sick or your aunt died. All of these can trigger bad things. Bad bad things.

This brings us to my prank and karma's revenge. At work,  I received an instant message about the month end deposit for the following day. It was a reminder to get it in early because we were doing two parts of month end on the same day but normally we do them on consecutive days. The next morning I got another message about it so I sent back a fake auto reply indicating that I was t at work.  The recipient responded with lol. I sent the same fake auto reply. She sent another message telling me she had sent me an email so she knew I was there. Now that's when I should have been "okay you got me." However, I couldn't let it go. I had to go and tempt fate. I send her an email from my personal email account saying that I was gone for the day but hadn't changed my email auto reply and asked if the IT guy was in because he wasn't answering my calls.

So then I go to the mailbox to get the mail so I can do the deposit. On my way back, I slipped on the ice. I didn't go down immediately. First, I leaned all my enormous weight forward which made some really gnarly sounds in my foot. Then, I proceeded to fall in slow motion. My foot that crunched stayed flat in the pavement. My knee bent and my butt hit the pavement. My other leg ended up under me. I got a bruise on that knee but that's about it. So I'm in the parking lot sitting on my butt in snow. I honk my foot is broken. I'm seeing black and stars. I want to throw up and pass out but I have to get up. I normally don't go two feet without my phone but on this day I decided to go all the way to the mailbox without it. I managed to stand up and hobble to my desk. Now I really think I'm going to puke. I manage to text a coworker so if I do pass out he at least knows the history. He quickly called nes to my desk. I can barely speak because I just want to die. Then the IT guy calls and says so and so told me to call you. I convince him that I'm fine but in too much pain to provide details. I get off the phone with him and a customer walked in. I really just want to die and I can't get away from people. I explain that I may have broken my foot so I can't walk so he needs to find help in the shop. He offers to take me to urgent care. He has restored my faith in humanity but really I want to die so just go find the shop guy so I can take drugs and cry. He left and the crypt no ensued. Once the crying was done, I actually didn't want to puke or die any longer. However it still hurt like hell and I needed to get my act together to figure out what to do. More people show up. I finished my month end stuff and got a rude to urgent care. Oddly enough, a co worker had an appountmtet in the area. 

Here is where the horror story begins. So my boss walks me out to the truck. It's too high for me to just plop into. So there's the logistics of how do we get the fat girl into this truck without touching her in inappropriate places. I decide to just bite the bullet and leap in. I was trying to decide which would be worse to leave the hurt leg on the ground or step up with the hurt leg. I went with step up with the hurt leg. Bad idea. Now my ass is in my bosses face. I'm turned around in some weird position and in hella pain. I finally get situated and then we're on our way. 

The drive was horribly scary. It was snowing and his pick up truck has no skills in the snow. We were slipping and sliding. So we get there and urgent care isn't right inside the doorway. He asks if I want a wheelchair. I'm like hell year cuz I don't want to walk that far. He fetches the wheelchair and I go to sit down, but I met some resistance. Yes my ass is too big for the wheelchair. I managed to cram myself into said wheelchair though because I'm not going to say that I can't fit. He dumps me off at the window. I get checked in and she gives me an ice pack which she put on my foot once she got me all situated. The thing fell off. Now I'm stuck in a wheelchair I'm too big to fit into and I have to figure out how to get this thing. I tried bending over for it but my belly is too big. I somehow managed to get it but then it fell while I was putting it back on. Now I feel like everyone is watching the fat girl. I ended up just ditching the ice pack in my bag to save the embarrassment. 

I waited an hour and a half to get into a room. They put me in a group room and didn't hide me behind a curtain so I have to explain what happened with an audience. Not too embarrassing since it was just a fall but then they want my shoe and sock off which I can't really do comfortably on my own but I don't want to ask for help because I feel like I should be able to do this easily but can't because of my ginormous weight. So I fumble around and get it done with an audience. We go through the exam and I get X-rays. 

Nothing is broken but I need to wear a gigantic boot and use crutches. The guy trying to do up the boot is having a hard time getting it to come together in front because if my large calf. He says that he's having a hard time because of my jeans. Thanks for tryouts me to be kind. It's appreciated but just made me feel horrible that he felt he had to lie to make me feel better or to break the awkward silence. Then the real trauma begins. I have to use crutches. Last time I did that, I weighed a lot less and had a lot more muscle power. It went as badly as you can imagine except I didn't fall. Once I prove I'm not going to kill myself,  phew says he'll walk me out and asks if I want him to push me in the chaur or use the crutches. I jump all over the wheelchair but now I have to get back into it and I know I don't fit. I crammed my ass back into it and he wheeled me out front. I then had to sit there waiting for my ride. 

Getting home didn't make things any better. I had to use the crutches to get to the bathroom and I was exhausted by the time I got there. I had to have my husband set up a chair for me to lean on so I could put my contacts in. I couldn't take a showe because I couldn't get into the tub. After the third day, I felt gross enough that I came up with a way to shower but it involved getting naked in the bright white well lit bathroom which was horrible. There is a giant mirror so that was just horrible. I was able to actually shower alone but I needed help getting my robe on and getting out of the tub. 

Overall, it was a miserable experience that would have been so much less horrible if I wasn't so overweight and out of shape. Moments like these remind me that I must do something about the weight. I was doing so well and then it all went to crap. I was finally going to get back in track and now this setback. I'm not sure how long it will take before I can workout.