Monday, July 4, 2016

Easyish Hike to the top of Carpenter Mountain near Blue River, Oregon

Carpenter Mountain

It wasn't the best day to go to Carpenter Mountain, but we did it anyway! It was an amazing day and there are some crazy pictures that we wouldn't have gotten on a bright clear day. The path was really quiet and we only saw one other couple there. Who else would go to a viewpoint hike on such a cloudy, miserable day! We did get some really cool pictures, but I don't really suggest going to this hike on such a crappy day. We got drenched! It wasn't raining, but the path is very narrow and it's overgrown with bushes. All of those bushes were wet from the previous rain and also just from all the moisture in the air. If you do decide to go on a miserable day, make sure you pack extra clothes! 

So the book said this was a 2.2 mile hike with 900 feet of elevation. We were actually planning on doing a different hike, but they were actively logging that mountain. We could have waited 20 minutes for them to clear the road, but then we could have gotten stuck at the top of the mountain! We decided to bail on that and go to the hike that I actually wanted to do, but didn't think we could do since 900 feet over 1.1 miles sounded steep! I really wanted to try out our new Subaru Forester though and the book said something like "the increasingly rough road." It made me want to do this hike just to play with the car! The car did great on it! We did pretty well on the hike also. 

There's not much to say about the hike. My Polar M400 thinks the hike was only .8 miles up, but the book thinks it was 1.1. I'm not going to argue over the distance. The book said 900 feet, but it didn't feel like 900 feet. We must be getting better at this stuff. We stopped to take a bunch of pictures, but we didn't have to stop many times for breaks. About halfway up, there was a big field with a bunch of wildflowers. It was gorgeous. They had a bunch of hummingbird feeders which seemed odd, but whatever. Hubby saw a hummingbird, but I didn't. The path was really narrow in some spots, bu wider in others. The bush ground cover was probably the first third of a mile, but after that, it was wide enough to get through. 

There's a lookout tower at the top of this thing. I would not want to spend the night in this thing! There's an outhouse, but you have to walk down a scary rock to get to the outhouse. No Thank You! The lookout tower is on the tippy top and to get there, I pretty much crawled up this rock. To get down, I sat on my butt like a toddler going down stairs. It was sooooooo scary for me! 

We loved this hike and we didn't have many problems with it, but if you're just starting out, you might not want to try this one right away. I would also suggest bringing hiking poles for hiking newbies. The top of this thing is seriously scary. Hubby wasn't afraid, but I was! Maybe it's because I keep remembering the time when we went to some mountain and there was this patch of snow. We had to climb up and over it. I went up and almost went over the mountain. I ended up falling and then sliding. Not sure how I managed to stop sliding but I did. Then I was sitting there in the snow thinking, "How the hell am I going to stand up and not fall over this mountain?" I do okay with the up, but I bet nervous on the down. When you're going up, you have the opportunity to try your footing with the foot before you pick up the other foot, but when you're going down, if you miss step, there's not much you can do. The poles help though because you can poke around with the pole to find a good spot and then you've got three points of contact with the ground instead of just one. 

How to get there

If you want directions there, follow this link to I'd just end up getting you lost and I don't know if it's okay to copy their directions on here. It's way easier to just link to them.

Overall Comments

There were no restrooms at this location and it's a nice bumpy road there and back. Make sure you find someplace to pee before you go up there and find a quiet place off the path to take care of things before you get to the car. I tagged this as Easyish and the book we used called it Easy. We didn't need to stop for breaks very often and I wasn't in my pain the following day. My calves were sore, but that was it. However, another website tagged it as "very difficult." I wouldn't go that far, but maybe they are trying to keep people safe. This is one of those hikes that isn't really all that easy to classify. I'm 265 pounds and made it up there, but I've been working out and hiking frequently for the past couple years. Use your own judgement on if you think you can handle it. Don't do anything crazy and make sure you wear good shoes. Don't go up there in flip flops! 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

I forgot the heart rate strap. Oh well. The Polar M400 agreed with the book on the elevation. That's a first! 

Gaia GPS Screen Shot

Gaia thinks the hike was a little longer than my Polar M400 and had a little less elevation. I will say though that I know I never moved 4.2 MPH on this hike and it seem to think I did so there's obviously a flaw with it somewhere. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

C25K Couch to 5K Round 2 Week 6 Day 1

I'm getting closer to getting caught up so I'm back on a Monday is Day 1 of  week thing. I'm going to take Monday off so hubby and I can go for a hike on the holiday. I was thinking that today was going to be walk for 5, run for 10, walk for 5, run for 10, walk for 5, but it was run for 5, walk for 3, just for 8, walk for 3, jog for 5, walk for 5. I was kinda looking forward to only having two running segments. Having the third one in there kinda messed with my brain. The cold weather messed with my lungs. OMG! It was soooooooooooooo cold! I could barely breathe in my first running segment. by the end, my breathing was horrible. When I got home, I was talking to hubby and I could barely finish a sentence without coughing. It was horrible and remained that way for most of the day. My body felt fine during the run other than my lungs. I did the faster pace at the end of the runs again. I did it last year, so I should do it this year. I'm hoping it helps me improve my horribly slow pace.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

My heart rate screen shot is a mess. It really annoys me when it gets like this. Maybe it's time to tighten the strap again or pay closer attention to which bra I'm wearing when it happens like this. 

C25K Couch to 5K Round 2 Week 5 Day 3

This was the day that I was dreading. I had to run 20 minutes straight. The good news though......I did this last year so I knew I could do it. I just wasn't sure if I could do it on the street and at a faster pace than last year. The answer would appear to be that yes indeed I can do it on the street and I can do it at faster pace than last year. I wasn't a happy camper at the end of this run the last time around, but it wasn't that bad this time. I was definitely not as fast as I would have liked, but I got through it and wasn't sore the next day. My breathing was okay too. I'm quite impressed with myself this time. Hubby didn't come with me so I ran to the high school and around the block. I went all the way down to the Bi-mart street. Not really sure what possessed me to do that, but I did it even though I knew I'd end up having to go uphill at the very end. I really pushed for the last minute of the running segment. I read my post from last round before I did this workout and I did that same thing last year. I was all happy because I got to a 12ish minute mile pace so I wanted to go faster and I did! Woot Woot!

Polar M400 Screen Shots

I'm not really sure where those crazy spikes came from on the heart rate monitor or the crazy dips, This thing drives me nuts sometimes. 

Review of C25K Couch to 5k Round 2 Week 5 Day 2

Week 5 Day 2 of C25K was a five minute warm up followed by 8 minutes of jogging, 5 minutes of walking, 8 minutes of jogging and 5 minutes of walking. Hubby didn't go with me, so I ran on the street. I wasn't in the mood for the pesky hill at the end though so I turned left onto my street instead of going all the way down to the street for Bi-mart. I ended up getting back too soon though so I just walked past the street and turned around and then went back to the back gate. It felt good doing this run. The temperature was just about perfect so it wasn't too bad on my lungs. My breathing was decent and I didn't really hurt all that much. I was so ready for it to be over when it was done though. I had some issues with my pace in the first running segment. You can see the nice wavy line there. The second one was a little more consistent, but you can still see the gradual slow down. I did kick it up a notch in the last minute or so of the second running segment. I still need to work on my speed! I'm way too slow!

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots from the run. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Review of Couch to 5K C25K Round 2 Week 5 Day 1

The best part of Week 5 Day 1 is that there were three running intervals! That's because each one was 5 minutes long! I wasn't sure how it was going to go with three 5 minute jogging intervals so we walked to the track. I grew to regret that decision. We get back soooooooo much faster if we ride. It just makes the running harder for me though.

I wanted to avoid the pain that I had in the previous couple workouts, so I didn't really push the runs too hard. I barely made it into the 12ish minute per mile pace in the last run. I didn't care though. Walking home was so hard. I was just exhausted. I think it was at that point that I realized the perfect way to fix my issue with being on the wrong days. I want to get back on a Monday through Friday schedule with day 1 of the week on Monday and day 3 on Friday. This day 1 being a Wednesday and Day 3 being a Monday is messing with my head. I had been thinking of doing a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday deal one week to make up the missing day, but instead I decided to skip going on Friday and then skip going one day the following week which should put me back on track! (no pun intended there) I'm just not sure which day I'll skip. I think I'll end up waiting on my next skip until July 4th weekend. That would be a good day to skip. I want to skip a day this week though! LOL.

Not much to say about the workout. The five minute intervals weren't too bad going at my slightly slower pace. No pain.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

I'm not sure what happened with my heart rate monitor. It's looking a bit ragged. Oh well. 

Review of Couch to 5K C25K Round 2 Week 4 Day 3 - The halfway point!

I made it through the halfway point of the program! Hubby came with me again and we rode the bikes again. I'm starting to think the bike thing isn't such a good idea. It gets us there faster and home faster, but OMG my legs were not really all that into this running thing after riding to the track. This was the same workout as the previous two where it was a five minute warm up followed by 3 minutes of jogging, then 90 seconds walking, 5 minutes jogging, 2-1/2 minutes walking, 3 minutes jogging, 90 seconds walking and 5 minutes of jogging. I had a hard time getting into the 12 minute mile pace on this workout. I ended up getting there for each run, but it was a fight each time. My fastest pace was a little off too. Oh well. I got through half of the program which means, I only have half to go! Although, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to do 10K trainer after I finish C25K which means, I'm not really done with my running in four weeks. :) Don't tell my legs that though.

I had that horrible pain again in my right side during the last couple runs. I was trying to push myself to keep a decent pace. Apparently my body just doesn't like that pace. My legs didn't hurt though. I didn't make any comments about the side pain in my post last year for Week 4 Day 3 of C25K though so it bothers me that it's happening. Oh well. Maybe I'll do better in round 3!

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots from the workout. I had to edit this to include the correct pictures. I originally included the following workout. Oopsy. 

Review of C25K Couch to 5K Round 2 Week 4 Day 2

Here's another post from my marathon of getting caught up on Couch two 5K. I hate getting behind! Last weekend I spent so much time working, so I ran out of time to post about my workouts! Ugh! Week 4 Day 2 was the same as Week 4 Day 1. I did a five minute warm up followed by 3 minutes of running, 90 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of running, 2-1/2 minutes of walking, 3 minutes of running and 5 minutes if walking. Then there was the five minute cool down.

Hubby didn't come with me so I went down to the high school and then around to the middle school to finish off on the downhill straight section. I did the same route earlier when I was still on week three. It turns out that I finish up right near my street so I can just walk home! Or so I thought! There was more running involved in this one, so I had to go a little further to make sure that I didn't get home too soon, so instead of turning left onto my street, I kept going straight and turned up by the street for Bi-mart. Turns out, the stretch of that road between my street and the street for Bi-mart is UPHILL! It's not a steep uphill, but I was pretty tired already and was so not interested in going uphill again. My breathing was pretty horrible and I was pretty tired. I was so ready to be done with the running thing. Technically speaking, I'm not really sure that was actually running at this point though! I was going sooooooo slow up that last little stretch. I just wanted to be done! My legs didn't hurt though, but my breathing was sooooooo heavy and I was coughing a bit. I still did better going on the street for this one than I did for the same workout last year on the track. Feel free to read my workout for C25K Week 4 Day 2 from last year. If you're struggling to get through C25K, it might make you feel better. My first round was pretty much torture.

Polar M400 Screen Shots 

Here are the screen shots from the workout. I didn't get a running index score this time. I wonder why. Oh well. I was surprised to see that I got up to 12:05 minutes per mile. That must have been on the downhill right after the first uphill. 

Review of Couch to 5K C25K Round 2 Week 4 Day 1

My second post from my marathon of catching up again on my progress. So week 4 Day 1 was a day that I was dreading because we bumped up from 3 minutes of jogging to five minutes of jogging! It was a five minute warm up, 3 minutes of jogging, 90 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of jogging, 2-1/2 minutes of walking, jog for 3 minutes, walk for 90 seconds, jog for 5 minutes. That added up to a lot of jogging! Knowing that I had gotten through it last year made it easier to get through it this year. Reading all of my previous posts from the previous round really made me feel way better about this round. My Week 4 Day 1 post made it sound like I was about to die! My entire body hurt, bu this time around my breathing has been more of an issue than any pain. I haven't had any soreness since my first workout and that was all in my abs and chest really. I haven't had any soreness in my legs this time around. I have noticed that my legs aren't at full capacity during our hikes on Saturdays, but it hasn't been painful. I just feel like a wimp on the hikes.

Enough rambling! Hubby decided that we should ride the bikes to the track. I think this was the first time that we did this, but maybe we did it the previous week too. It made things a little challenging for me from a logistical standpoint. I wasn't sure when to start my apps. I wasn't sure if the ride to the track should count as my warm up. I wasn't sure what to do with my headphones on the trip over. I forgot to turn off my app before we left the track so my minute per mile is all jacked up. I think I got some speed record because I was riding my bike downhill during the workout on the Polar app. Oopsy.

So the run itself was a bit challenging. It's tough to say if it was because of the five minute jogging intervals or because we road to the track. The track is a little uphill from the house. most people wouldn't notice the include, but I'm a wimp on the bike so I really notice it. My hamstrings were feeling it when we got to the track. I tried to keep myself in the 12 minute per mile range, but it was quite challenging to do that. I started out at a good pace for each run, but then fell off the pace, but I got through it and wasn't in pain. I was ready to stop running because I couldn't breathe, but I could have kept going it I had needed to do so.

I ended up having some severe pain in my right side after the final running segment. It went from my hip to my shoulder. It was sharp and horrible. I walked it off in a couple minutes, but it was horrible while it lasted. It seriously felt like someone was stabbing me.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots. I just noticed that it gave me a running score. I'm not sure what that's all about. Check out how fast I was on the end of that workout? That was me going downhill on my bike because I forgot to shut the app off. UGH!

Review of Couch to 5K Round 2 Week 3 Day 3

I'm behind on these posts again so I'm going to go through a marathon posting spree. I hate getting behind. When I do round three of C25K, I'd really like to go back and re-read these like I re-read the ones from my round one while doing round 2. I just get so busy with editing and work so the blog ends up suffering. I need to make time for it though because I enjoy doing this and I love being able to look back at my workouts.

Okay so Week 3 day 3 was on a Monday instead of a Friday because I'm still screwed up from missed workout on the holiday. I have a plan to fix that though.

Week 3 Day 3 was the same as the previous two workouts. After five minute warm up, I jogged for 90 seconds, walked for 90 seconds, jogged for three minutes, walked for three minutes and then repeated from the 90 seconds of jogging. Then I did a five minute cool down. Hubby didn't feel like going with me so I ran on the street. I went down the high school and around to the middle school. Not that most of you know where I'm talking about, but I know. I picked this route because it would have me end up a downhill/flat section. The run wasn't that bad. I was definitely ready to turn left and start the downhill! It's not much of a downhill, but it's enough to make a huge difference in my speed and my breathing! I don't have much to say about this run. I have to admit that I don't remember much about it and in fact had to edit this post because I including stuff in it from the wrong workout.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots from the workout. My screen shots from last year, are MPH, but this year they are Minutes Per Mile which complicates things when I'm trying to compare last year to this year. I think I was faster this time during my runs. I kind of want to switch back to MPH so I can compare last year to this year better, but if I switch, it will make comparing my progress on this round more difficult. I'll just leave it alone for now I suppose. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Easy Hike to Blue Pool on the McKenzie Pass

Blue Pool

We couldn't decide where to go for a hike, so we went back to Blue Pool. We did this hike back in 2014. We really liked it. I was bummed because we didn't see a waterfall then. The book shows a picture of a waterfall, but apparently there's a dam that makes it so there's no more waterfall. 

The hike itself is pretty easy, but the terrain is a bit rocky. I kept tripping over rocks. We decided not to bring our poles since we both remembered it being a fairly easy hike, but I was kind of regretting not having my poles because I almost went face first a few times. I never did actually fall, but there was at least one time that I thought I was going to end up landing on my hand and that was going to hurt. I might need to start wearing gloves when I hike. My skin is so sensitive and I'm such a wimp when it comes to bruises. 

The parking lot isn't that big for this hike, but there's a lot of space that people turn into parking spaces on the road. This is a very popular hike. Bikes can also go down this path. I don't think they can go up it though. I'm not really sure of the whys on that, but I think those are the rules We had to pull over a lot to let bikes pass and several times to let people pass since the path isn't really wide enough for groups of people to pass each other. We got a late start on the hike too so a lot of people were coming down as we were going up. 

There are two bridges on this trail. They can be a bit slick so be careful. I'm not sure how many feet in elevation this hike has because both of my apps differ and they different from the book as well. I do remember going up this thing thinking that I shouldn't have found this hike to be Easy back in 2014. It wasn't hard, and I had no problems with it this time, but two years ago, I feel like I would have found considered it Easyish which means easy for fit people and a little challenging for those of us who are 100 pounds over weight. This time around, we didn't stop to take a breather going up. We stopped for pictures, but we never stopped because we just couldn't continue anymore. I guess that should be considered easy.

The terrain made it a bit tiring though. Way too many rocks to trip over. There was also a big tree that had fallen over the path. People had made their own path around the tree, but going over the tree wasn't really an option for us. The path around the tree was easy enough on the way up, but on the way down hubby had to help me a little bit. So the giant tree fell over the main path, but there was also a small tree or a branch off the big tree I'm not sure which that you had to climb over to get back out. On the way up, it's just a giant step down. Down is a lot easier than a giant step up since gravity helps you go down and it doesn't hep you go up. I took too long trying to decide if I could do it so hubby just stuck his hand on my butt and pushed. I kinda wanted to see if I could do it on my own, but that's what I get for taking too long. 

Overall, this is a great hike. I wouldn't go wearing flip flops and I wouldn't take toddlers unless you've got them in some sort of carrying device, but it's an awesome hike. There were people jumping into the pool while we were there which created some extra entertainment. If you want pictures without people in them, you might want to get there super early. We've been twice though and both times people were on the ground by the pool. If you want to get down there, you either have to jump in, or you can keep going past the pool and then follow a trail around the pool and then down to the pool level. We didn't do that. We'll probably do that the next time we are there. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

I forgot my heart rate monitor at home, so it's just the GPS stuff this time. I'm pretty sure the elevation is a bit screwed up on this since I know we didn't go 840 feet up. 

I'm not really sure why this looks like it does. That spike at the halfway point shouldn't be there and the beginning part should look more like the end part or the end like the beginning since it was an out and back. This is what drives me crazy about all of these devises! 

Gaia GPS 

Here are the screen shots from Gaia GPS. The elevation looks a little bit more realistic on this one. However, it still shows that I went up higher than I came down, but it was an out and back. I walked up and then I walked down. It should be the same up and down. The max speed of 8.1 is not accurate either. I can't even run that fast.