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Review of 21 Day Fix Extreme Day 2: Upper Fix

Day 2: Upper Fix

It's a good thing that Day 2 wasn't Leg Day! My legs were pretty sore when I woke up yesterday. Day 1 of 21 Day Fix Extreme was Plyo Fix and it was brutal. Doing the workout wasn't that bad, but waking up the next day was pretty tough. Even though I was in pain, I still got up and did Upper Fix though! 

Upper Fix Extreme is made up of three rounds and each round has four exercises that we did twice. This thing works the entire upper body. We hit the triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, chest and abs. We hit it all. I'm sitting here the next day writing this and realizing just how many different places we hit yesterday. My abs aren't sore, but my chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps are. My back doesn't seem sore either, but I have a pretty strong upper back and we didn't do much in the lower back area. Each Move lasted 60 seconds, but anything with weights had a drop set after 30 seconds and anything without weights had some variation after 30 seconds. There was about 10 seconds of rest between moves.

This workout used two sets of weights, one heavy set and one light set. We also used a resistance band. 

Round 1: Push Ups, Bent Over Rows, Chest Flys, Lat Pull Down

The Push ups started out as full push ups, but after 30 seconds, we were supposed to do a half range of motion and stay pretty close to the floor. The modifier was still up in full push up form, but just went down an inch or so instead of all the way to the floor. This was new for me. It's actually something I've done on my own in an attempt to be able to do a full push up, but I've never seen a modifier do it like this. 

The Bent Over Rows were done in a lunge position which makes these super hard after Plyo Fix Extreme yesterday! I didn't use heavy enough weights for my back to feel this though. This was a drops set, so 30 seconds heavy weights and 30 seconds light weights with no rest. 

The Chest Flys were done on the floor. I thought about pulling out my bench, but didn't bother in the end for the one move. I really can feel these today!  This was a drop set, so 30 seconds heavy and 30 seconds light. 

The Lat Pull Downs were done with the resistance band which was weird. We put our arms up over our heads and then pulled one side down to the side. Then we put it back up and switched to the other side. We did this for 30 seconds and then did both arms for 30 seconds. I'd rather just use the door attachment and do this in a more normal way, but I did it how she said to since it's her workout and she's the super trainer not me. 

Round 2: Military Press, Twisted Abs, Post Delt Flys, Dolphins

The Military Press is hard for me. My shoulders are so weak. I started with the 10 pound weights and barely made it through the 30 seconds. I dropped to 5 and barely made it through. The second set I used 5 pounds and 2 pounds and that was torture. I'm not sure why my shoulders are this weak, but they are. 

Twisted Abs, was basically a Roman Twist. We did it with the heavy weights. The first 30 seconds we kept our feet on the floor, but the last 30 seconds, we lifted a foot off the floor as we twisted.

The Post Delt Flys were done with the resistance band. This was weird for me and oh so challenging. We put the band in front of us and put our arms out straight. Then we brought them out to the sides. We had to keep our wrists straight which was challenging for me. The first 30 seconds was just front to side and back again. The last 30 seconds was holding it out to the sides. I couldn't do it for the full 30 seconds. I had too short of a grip on the band. Next time I'll have a wider grip on it. This move is just hard. The people in the DVD were shaking really badly!

For the Dolphins, we went from Elbow Plank to Dolphin and back again. I think this one was the only one where we did the same move for the full minute. I didn't do so well with these. I tried to just hold Elbow Plank after a bit, but I even failed at that. 

Round 3: Hammer Curls, Tricep Dips, Concentration Curls, Tricep Kickbacks

The Hammer Curls were pretty straight up. We did a 30 seconds with heavy weights and 30 seconds lighter weights. I used my 10s and 5s. 

The Tricep Dips were interesting. We did a Bridge Position. I think it's called Bridge. You sit on the floor and then lift your butt up so you're on your hands and feet with your knees bent and your torso parallel to the floor. So then we bent our elbows which lowered our butts to the floor, but we weren't supposed to be moving our torso to make that happen. It was all int he elbows. It was 30 seconds like that and then 15 seconds with the left leg in the air and 15 with the right leg in the air. Torture!

The Concentration Curls were done in a deep Sumo Squat position. It was 30 seconds heavy weights and 30 seconds light weights. My legs were not happy about this. The position was really hard for me to keep good form.

The Tricep Kickbacks were just your normal Tricep Kickbacks with 30 seconds heavy weights and 30 seconds light weights. I used 5 pound and 2 pound weights. My triceps are pretty weak.

There was a 30 second cool down with this one. The warm up with about a minute and a half and it was pretty much the same warm up as yesterday. The next workout is Pilates Extreme! So totally looking forward to this. Ummmmmmm NOT! Pilates is HARD! It was pretty much my least favorite day with 21 Day Fix. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are my screen shots of the day. I'm doing this whole low carb high fat moderate protein thing which is so not about the calorie burn and I shouldn't be all OMG look at my calories burned, but even if the calories in vs calories out method is a low of crap, it's still an indication of how hard I worked so I'm going to keep looking at my calories burned as an indication of how hard I worked. :) 

The heart rate monitor did not like the Tricep Dips. It did something funky to the strap and I lost the connection for the entire time I did that move. Highly annoying. I tightened the strap up. We'll see how it works out with Pilates Extreme. 

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

If you decide you want to try the program out, be sure to buy it from a coach so you get the free DVD that you can't get through other sources. If you don't have a coach, you can sign up with me. 

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