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My Four Week Experience with Rockin' Body

What Is Rockin' Body?

Rockin' Body is a Beachbody workout program. It's a dancing program, but it also has two workouts that give a lot of strength training moves. Plus, you can use the weighted wrist bands to get more of an upper body workout while doing the dancing. The setting is like no other workout program I've ever seen. It's filmed in front of a live studio audience which was weird at first, but the more I did it, the more I really fell in love with the concept. What's great is that it's all about fun. He's way over the top in the flamboyant category on this one and that just makes it even more awesome because it really helped me let go of all of the crap in my head that keeps me from doing dancing workouts. I have this fear of looking like an idiot. I know that I'm alone in this room and no one on the TV can see me, but it doesn't matter. Well, it didn't matter until this workout. I have major issues with following choreography, but I was able to follow this and by the end of my four weeks, I was able to dance like no one was watching. The workouts range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. There are numerous days where you do two workouts, but I think there was only one day where the total workout time was over an hour. Booty Time and Rock It Out are on the calendar on the same day. I didn't give myself enough time to do both though, so I ended up mixing this up a little differently. I'm glad I did too because Booty Time and Rock It Out on the same day would be challenging! 

What comes with the program?

There is a basic package and an upgraded package. The basic package has seven workouts, a calendar, a Party Guide, a 3 Day Slimdown guide and a Never Diet Again booklet. The upgraded package has four additional workouts. Two of them are Rockin' Body workouts that are on the advanced calendar and two of them are Hip Hop Abs workouts that aren't actually on the workout calendar. The upgraded DVDs also come with an advanced calendar and a set of 1 pound weighted wrist bands. They are a bit small, but I was able to cram my giant hands through them. They really do make a difference too. 

The Workouts

Mark, Move & Groove

This workout is only on the calendar twice. It's on Day 1 and Day 2. It's basically a tutorial workout. It's only about 15 minutes long. The moves are pretty simple. There is a beeping during the workout, but no one ever explains what the beeping is for. I discovered on the second day, that the beep is supposed to draw your attention to the lower right hand corner where the timer is. It will say Mark, Move or Groove above the time. Mark is when you learn the specific step, Move is when you build on it and Groove is when you're actually doing the dance. When I did this the first time, I was soooooo happy because it was a dancing workout that I could actually do. It was like doing a Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds workout, but with a lot of groove to it. The steps were really just built up from walking in place, walking around, side steps, knee lifts and kicks. Once I got my head wrapped around that, I could do this! You can read about my first experience with Mark, Move & Groove.

Party Express

This one is 25 minutes long. It's on the beginner calendar seven times. This one is a little more challenging than Mark, Move & Groove, but it's still pretty easy to follow. A lot of the moves are just built up off of marching in place, walking, knee lifts, side steps and kicks. This one has two different dances that you learn. The moves are totally doable even for me who is so incredibly challenged when it comes to choreography. I have issues with mirroring people too. You can read about my first experience with Party Express.

Disco Groove

This one is about 30 minutes. Most of the dancers in the workout are wearing copious amounts of gold. If they don't have a lot of gold on, it's because they aren't wearing much, but what little they are wearing is gold. This one was a little more challenging than Party Express, but I got the hang of it after a few times doing it. This one is on the beginner calendar five times. The more I did this one, the better I got at it. I had a few ah-ha moments a couple weeks in. It was great! You can read about my First experience with Disco Groove even though I used the wrong name on this post

Hard-Core Abs

This is a 10 minute ab workout that you never have to get down on the floor to do! This thing is crazy intense too. Just imagine 10 minutes straight of some variation of knee lifts, front kicks and squats with basically no break. The hardest part for me was my arms! While your legs are moving, your arms are moving too. My shoulders were on fire about 2 minutes into this one the first time! You can read about my first experience with Hard-Core Abs

Shaun T's Dance Party

This one isn't available on Beachbody On Demand, so I don't have much experience with it. I ended up buying the DVDs so I could do this workout. It would have been easier to do some stuff in House Your Body and Hip Hop if I had done this one more often. It's on the calendar seven times. It's about 45 minutes long. I loved this workout. It was very doable for me. There was a bit of hopping, so I had to modify at times, but this is another one that reminded me a lot of Leslie Sansone workouts but jazzed up a bit. You can read about my first experience with Shaun T's Dance Party

Rock It Out

This is a 45 minute strength training workout with little dancing involved. This thing has squats and lunges galore! It really works the upper body as well. There is a tricep move in here that I've never done and it really worked my triceps. This one uses weights, but you don't need to use them if it's too intense or if you don't have them. I tried using 5 pound weights to start, but then quickly switched to 2 pounds. During one of Shaun T's podcasts for Define Your Life, he referred to this as deceptively hard. I didn't find anything deceptive about it. This workout was just hard. It was totally doable, but it really worked my body. This one is in the beginner calendar 6 times. You can read about my first experience with Rock It Out.

Booty Time

This is a 30 minute dancing and strength training workout. There are plenty of squats in this one and a bunch of jumping type moves in this workout. It still has some dancing in it though. The moves are all pretty straightforward. This one is only on the calendar four times. I think I did it more than four times though. I screwed up most of the calendar though.You can read about my first experience with Booty Time

Hip Hop 

This is part of the upgraded DVD package. The upgrade also comes with 1lb weighted wrist weights. This is a 45 minute workout. This one is challenging for me in terms of choreography. Some of it really works for me and other parts are just a bit confusing for me. It's still fun, but I need to go through it a few more times before I really get the hang of it. You can read about my first experience with Hip Hop

House Your Body

This is part of the upgraded DVD package. It's about 45 minutes. I love this workout. The first couple times I did it, there were some rough patches, but the last time I did it, I had an absolute blast. This was the workout that I was referring to when I said that I danced like no one was watching. I was finally able to just put everything aside and just dance. I didn't watch the TV for the last section. I just did the moves and put all I had into them. I was jumping during most of the jumping sections and I got quite the little workout high going from it. I wasn't doing my normal small little hop thing. I was getting some air under my feet! It felt great! You can read about my first experience with House Your Body

Hip Hop Abs Rockin' Abs and Hard Body

These are part of the upgraded DVD package. I haven't actually done these workouts. They weren't on the calendar. I thought about waiting to write this post until I did the workouts, but I really wanted to get the post up. I'll update it after I do those workouts. 

Three Day Slim Down

The Three Day Slim Down guide is a nutrition plan that's supposed to help you jump start your results. You're supposed to drink three times a day and then have a salad at night. I didn't do this because I need food. I can't live on shakes. 

Never Diet Again Guide

This talks about portion control and eating a lot of veggies. There are some recipes in the booklet as well. I didn't follow the nutrition plan as it was laid out. I wasn't quite ready to get my nutrition back under control. Doing this workout was more about conquering a dancing program than it was about losing weight. At the end, I started counting Weight Watchers points again.

Party Guide

This talks about what to do and not to do at parties. It has suggestions about eating before you go and talking to the host about the food that will be served. It also tells you certain foods that you should try to find at a party and certain foods to avoid at a party. 

My Results

I started this program just as a way of testing out my Beachbody On Demand access. I picked this one to start because I had done the Cize preview workout and loved it. I figured this would help me hone my dancing skills so by the time Cize showed up, I'd be better with the choreography thing. I was only going to do each workout once. I had no plans of doing this entire program. I was doing C25K three days a week and then either walking with my husband or doing a Beachbody On Demand workout on my non-running days. I loved the workouts so much that I decided to do the whole program. I didn't do it in the order on the calendar though. I started it during my last couple weeks of running. I did try to stick with the order on the calendar, but Shaun T's Dance Party wasn't on On Demand and I was doing the workouts around running so the first two weeks of the program took me three or four weeks to complete. I took a few days off to get back on track with the calendar, but I kept messing it up. 

So my results.......drumroll please!!!!!!! In the four weeks, I lost 5 pounds. That 5 pounds was all in the last week. The week right after I finished Rockin' Body turned into a rest week for me and I lost another five pounds while not working out. Confession nutrition was a train wreck during the first portion of this program. My nutrition was great back in the winter when I was doing 21 Day Fix. After that, I switched to Body Beast and I was hungry all the time! I just decided that I couldn't deal with being hungry and being in pain all the time, so I pretty much ate anything I wanted which included ice cream, cake, cookies and chips. I gained 20 pounds during Body Beast. I figured the fat would all melt off once Body Beast was over, but during C25K, I was still hungry and still couldn't get my nutrition under control. During my final week of Rockin' Body, I decided on a Tuesday to start counting Weight Watchers points again. Once I did that, I dropped 10 pounds pretty quickly. The first five was while I was still doing Rockin' Body. The second five was during my rest week that I took after Rockin' Body. I started C25K while still doing Body Beast and I started Rockin' Body while still doing C25K. I just needed a break. My husband is quite happy to repeatedly point out that I'm losing weight while not working out. He keeps telling me that I've been doing too much. I'm sure the rest week is helping, but getting my nutrition under control is a big factor too.  

Where to get it

I will be having a give away for the Rockin' Body basic package as well as House Your Body and Hip Hop. It won't include the Hip Hop Abs DVD though or the weighted wrist bands. Beachbody sent me extra DVDs and said that I could keep them, so I'm going to give them away to someone. Check out the Trapped in a Fat Girl Facebook page for details if you're ready this in August of 2015. 

If you've missed the give away or didn't win, you can buy the Rockin' Body DVDs. They are super inexpensive. If you buy them through the Trapped in a Fat Chick Beachbody link, I will donate $1.00 to the Dizzy Feet Foundation for each set purchased. 

Check Out the Rockin' Body Video

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