Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review of The Biggest Loser The Workout High Intensity Cardio

High Intensity Cardio

Yesterday, I did the High Intensity Cardio workout from The Biggest Loser The Workout. I also finally made it through the entire cool down. The DVD says it's 20 minutes, but it's only 10. The front of the DVD says there are 6 workouts, but that's only if you include the warm up and the cool down. This was the last of the four workouts for me. I did Low Intensity Cardio and Boot Camp about a year ago. I did Strength and Sculpt earlier this week. 

This workout only had two former contestants in it. It's kind of weird for me when there are so few people on the screen. I'm not really sure why, but it just is. I didn't really feel a connection with either of the former contestants so it made it less fun for me. It was cardio, so that's always less fun anyway. Oh well.

There were basically four rounds to this. We started each one small and then built on it until it was pretty intense. We had some small breaks in the middle, but during the "breaks" we were supposed to still pretend to jump rope or do side steps or something.

We started out jumping rope. I usually don't do this when we're supposed to. I kind just do some small running in place when they jump rope. I actually did the jump rope this time. Then we started hopping side to side. Then we went into side steps. I'm a pro at these from all of the Leslie Sansone Workouts I've done. Then we dropped down and kept doing the side steps. This really does make it more challenging. Then we made it more of a hop than a side step. Then we turned it into more of a Skater and got the arms going with it. Then we went back to the side step and worked on building it up again. We reached our arm out this time. Then we added the hop and turned it into a skater. We were supposed to get it going faster. Then we went back to side steps. Then we did a one minute burst of skaters as fast as we could. He had us hold on one leg for a few seconds and then hold the other leg for a few seconds too. That was weird since we were in this big cardio burst and then had to stop moving. Then we went back to jumping rope.

Then we did tire drills and football runs. This round was hard! We pretended like we were running through tires so we had to have our feet out wide and lift our knees up high. Then we kept our feet low and just picked them up a little bit as fast as we could. I'm sure you've seen them do this at footbal practice. They usually do that and then drop down to the ground then get back up again and do it again. We didn't do the drop to the ground thing. We did move forward a few feet and then back a few feet though. We alternated between tires and fast feet. Then we went back to jumping rope. This was killer on my calves. I normally hate high knees, but it was way better than doing fast feet. After some jumping rope to recover, we did another round of alternating fast feet and high knees. Then we did more jumping rope and then one minute of tires as fast as we could and then fast feet, more tires more fast feet and done! My calves were absolutely killing me by the time we were done! Then we did more jumping rope.

We moved into a boxing round. We did jabs and then jab and cross and then hooks. Then we did jab, cross, hook, hook. We were supposed to do these fast. Then we did the same thing on the other side. I felt weird without my gloves on. I feel like a dork punching without them. I feel like a bad ass with them! We did a one minute past of fast jab cross punching. We did 30 seconds on each side. We did it up high like a speed bag, but we didn't do them like speed bags I've done before. It was a bit weird and the two of them looked fairly dorky. The female was annoying the bajeezas out of me. She just kept whining about how hard it was. Then we did more jumping rope.

Then we moved into a kicking round. We started simple. We had one foot in front of them other and then we stepped the back foot forward and then back. After a few seconds, we brought the knee up into a knee raise and then stepped it back. Then we changed it to a kick. We did this on each side. We kicked for what felt like an eternity! I was pretty excited about how high my kicks are getting! All of that foam rolling is really doing wonders for stuff like that. Then we did a one minute blast of alternating kicks. We didn't do any steps between them. We were supposed to pick up the speed, but I just couldn't do it very fast. I was pretty beat by this time. My legs were on fire! I feel it today. They don't hurt, but they are all tingly. Then we did more jump rope.

Then I finally did the entire cool down from this workout. It says it was 20 minutes, but it was only 10. It was a lot of yoga stretches. We did tree pose, but the way he brought us through it made it a lot easier. we started with our foot down by the opposite ankle. The toe was touching the floor, but the heel was up by the ankle. After we got used to that, he said we could make it more challenging by moving our foot up higher so the heel was near the knee and the toe by the ankle. We then moved up even further. I like how he had us build on things during the workout and the cool down. Bob's awesome. He's hard care, but he's awesome.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I finally got a screen shot that I'm proud of! 16 minutes of vigorous activity! YAY! There was 10 minutes of cool down on this thing, so I'm pretty happy with 21 minutes of total activity too. 

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