Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review of The Biggest Loser Power X-Train All Bout Reps

Power X-Train - All About Reps

I did the Metabolic Circuit on this DVD close to a year ago. This thing kicked my butt. At the time, I just couldn't attempt to do the other workouts on this DVD. I was supposed to start Beachbody Body Beast last week, but we didn't get the weights. I was then supposed to start it this week, but still no weights. I decided to do some Biggest Loser workouts from the library. I picked this one because I never finished it. It drives me nuts when I don't finish a DVD! 

Today, I did the warm up, All About Reps and the cool down. The warm up was led by Dolvett. I personally don't like how he leads DVDs. It feels forced and fake, but he went through some decent warm up stuff. There was some different stuff in there that I'm not used to having in a warm up. Most of it was the normal arm circles and stuff like that, but one of the moves was pulling up your knee with your hands. That challenged my balance. I really need to Tai Cheng and see if I can improve my balance! 

Okay so the workout was led by Bob Harper. There were former contestants in the video with him. The format was interesting. There were four exercises. We did each one for 60 seconds. After we did all four, we had a one minute break. We did the four exercises three times. We started off with burpees. We did the push up version with a jump. Then, we faced a side wall and did a squat. Once we came up from the squat we jumped up and turned to face the opposite wall. Then we did Lateral Lunges with a dumbbell. As we stood up, the dumbbell went up over our heads. As we lunged to the side, the dumbbell came down in front of us. Everyone did them kind of different. Some of them did them straight up and straight down, but others kind of arced it forward and then pulled their elbows back. Then we did air squats. Towards the end of the 60 seconds we were supposed to pick up the pace with these. 

I managed to get through each round without bailing at anytime. I didn't really go fast at the end of the air squats though. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot for the workout. I thought I would have gotten more minutes of activity. This thing was pretty rough at times! 

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