Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review of Box 60

What it is and why I get it is a mail order snack subscription service. You give them $6.99 and they send you four healthy, yummy snacks. They are constantly adding to their snacks and they are changing things up a bit too. In the beginning, you could only get one box every week or every other week. Then they made it so you could add extra boxes. I have a weekly box and one extra box every four weeks. Now they have a big box which has five bags of  multiple servings. They also added an 8 count box. They now have a variety box, a sweet box, a low sugar box and a couple other things too. It's an amazing company and I've been with them for a year now! If you use a referral code, you get your first and fifth boxes free. You can use my code JAIMIE49P. Otherwise, you have to pay $1.00 for your first box now. 

The packaging 

The snacks are in rigid plastic containers with peel away plastic film lids. The snacks are perfectly portioned. They come in a paperboard box. The top image changes around a bit. They also have some seasonal boxes. During July, they had the American Flag on the top outside portion. During Christmas, they had trees and reindeer on the outside of the box. 

Honeycomb Flapjack

This is a rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle. I love these. Flapjacks are amazing things. They are 100 times better than a granola bar. They are just amazing! 

Mocha Walnut Cake

This has chocolate coated coffee beans, walnuts and jumbo raisins. I liked this one, but I'm not a huge fan of chocolate covered coffee beans. I'm also not a big fan of walnuts. I'll eat them. They are healthy, but they aren't something that makes me just crave it. I really liked the raisins. I marked this as trash mainly due to the coffee beans. 

Dark Rocky Road

This had Belgian dark chocolate buttons, cranberries and pecans. I really like the chocolate pieces. The cranberries are good as well. I'm not a huge pecan fan. I could eat cashews all day long, but pecans, walnuts and almonds are just sort blah for me. 

Eleanor's Apple Crumble

This had soft apple pieces, raisins and cinnamon honey almonds. I really like this one. The apples were super sweet and those almonds are pretty yummy. I love raisins too. 

Nutrition Facts

Each box comes with a Nutrition Facts sheet. It has all of the nutritional content as well as the ingredients and the expiration date for each snack. 

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