Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review of Box 61

What it is and why I get it is a mail order snack subscription service. They send you perfectly portioned snacks on a regular basis! You set up the schedule. You get to tell them what snacks you never want again, which you're willing to try, which you like and which you love. You don't get to pick what snacks actually come in a given box though. That's okay because it makes things more interesting. If you know what you're going to get, where is the excitement in checking the mailbox! I love these things! If you use a referral code, you get your first and fifth boxes free. My code is JAIMIE49P. I get $1 off my next box or I can donate it to the farming school. I've donated all of mine. 

The Packaging

The snacks come in rigid plastic containers will peel away film lids. There are four in a box. Unless you get the 8 count box, then you get 8. 

Popping Corn

The best microwave popcorn on the planet. It doesn't have chemical crap in it! It's just super yummy. It's just enough for one person. Stand by the microwave! Don't let it burn! 

Fruit and Seed Flapjack

This is a rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and berries. I'm not a seed person, but I love this snack. The seeds give it extra texture and flavor. Love love love this one! It's the perfect size container. 

Honey Drizzled Cashews

This is just what the name says. It's cashews with honey on them. Life doesn't get much better than that! 


This is pumpkin and sunflower seeds with soy sauce. I'm not a seed fan. I'm not sure how this slipped through my radar. I usually trash this kind of stuff. I ate it, but it wasn't worth the 5 Weight Watchers Points Plus points I used for it. I got it in two boxes in a row I think. I gave the second one to hubby. Just not into seeds. If you like seeds, this will be great. 

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