Sunday, July 12, 2015

Beachbody Cize The End of Exercise

Cize - You Got This 

This is a new program coming out from Beachbody this month. Shaun T is the instructor and it's all about dancing. I can't dance, but I'm constantly compelled to do dancing workouts. They seldom go well for me. I've tried Sweatin' to the Oldies and couldn't even finish the workout. I've tried Jessica Smith's Dance Party, which I was able to finish, but wasn't able to keep up with her and felt like an idiot the entire time. I've done a Tahitian Cardio Dance. which wasn't very intense, but I was still lost and didn't feel like I was doing it right. I've also tried Kristi Taylor's Totally Cool Step 2, which technically wasn't dancing, but it had choreography so it's another example of failed choreography for me. Let's face it, I just can't dance. Beyond the inability to dance, I have a general lack of understanding on how to look at someone who is facing me and then mirror their movements. I need someone to be facing away from me and then I can follow what they do because I don't have to reverse it.

With all of that said...........I still wanted to try Cize. I've heard good things about Shaun T's workouts. He always looks like he's having fun and as a Beachbody Coach, I feel like I should try the new programs in case people have questions for me. I put myself through a 45 minute dancing workout for all of you. Yup, that's it. I went out of my comfort zone so I could provide you all with information about the new program because I know that there are other people out there who can't dance who will want to try this program, but won't want to spend money on it if they aren't going to be able to do it.

I tried You Got This using Beachbody On Demand. It's part of the paid Club Membership. It's $2.99 a week billed out every quarter. You get to do a ton of different Beachbody workouts without buying the DVDs! I'll talk more about the whole thing on a different post, but for now, just know that it's an awesome feature of the Club so sign up now while it's in Beta because the price might go up once they release it out of Beta.

The set up of this workout is a little different than most of the Beachbody programs that I've done before. There is usually a timer counting down the entire workout, but also a secondary timer with either the move that you're on or the segment that you're on, but this was just one timer. It was about 42 minutes for the entire workout I believe. I gotta admit that having just the one timer did make the workout seem a bit longer, but maybe that was because I was dancing and totally outside of my comfort zone too!

The workout was filmed in a big room with Shaun T in the front and then a bunch of other people in the room as well. Shaun T was wearing what looked like workout clothes, but the others were wearing street clothes. There wasn't really a modifier for the workout, but everyone kind of made the moves their own and nothing was too terribly intense that I needed a modifier. I'm 275 pounds and was able to physically do anything that they did. I can't say that I did it correctly or with the same flair that they did, but I was able to do the moves without having to modify.

The whole dance was probably about 45 seconds long, but we learned it very slowly in one small piece at a time. He then built on that small piece. Then we did that section several times. Then we learned a new part and he built on it and we did it several times. Then we put the first section with the second section and did that a couple times. Then we did the third section. He built on it. we did it several times and then we did sections 1, 2 and 3 together.

Each small section had a name to it and that name was on the screen while we did it. He also talked us through it and called out what to do. I couldn't remember what was going to come next, but I could remember that when he said "Pendulum Swing" I needed to swing my arms like a pendulum and do the little circle thing with them as I did the little hop thing. That really helped.

It went on like this until we had the entire routine "memorized", The last three or so minutes was when we Cized it Up which meant we did the whole routine start to finish with the music a little louder and him talking a little less. It was harder for me because he didn't call out so much stuff, but the names still showed up on the screen which would have helped if my WiFi hadn't been sucking that day. The whole video looked like garbage for a bulk of the workout. My computer is only streaming at like 1.5mbps right now. I need to get that fixed. The heads of the people were blurry and I couldn't really read the names of the moves.

So now you're all wondering if this was a success or a failure as far as me and dancing workouts go. I'm going to say this was a success. I know that I didn't do all of the moves correctly, but I wasn't behind the entire workout and I didn't feel like a dork. There were actually a few moves where I felt like a badass. In time, I could get even better with this one. I think I'm going to buy it when it in August. I won't have the money to buy it in July when it releases.

While I was doing the workout, I felt it in my abs. I didn't really get too out of breath for this one and nothing hurt while I was doing the workout. However, my rear delts were quite sore the next day. I was pretty surprised. There was some arm stuff where our hands went up into the air and then came down slowly. There was also a section where we kind of lunged back with one leg and then through our arms out and pulled them back in. There was other random arm stuff, but nothing felt like it was going to cause DOMS the next day. I was pleasantly surprised by that. It's one of the reasons I like doing new workouts. Something new normally hurts after a new workout.

I'm really rambling now! I'll wrap this up and then show you my Polar M400 screen shot. Awesome workout even for those who can't dance or follow choreography. It made me want to try Hip Hop Abs and Rockin' Body. Both of them are other Shaun T dancing workouts! I'm not sure if I'll do the whole program, but I do plan on checking them out on Beachbody On Demand.

Cize comes out on July 20th. Check out the video above and visit my Coach page on July 20th to get your copy. Make sure to buy it from a coach so you get whatever free workout it will come with.

Polar M400

Here's the screen shot for the workout. This one is different than the one I usually post, but it shows the calories burned for the workout and my Max and Average Heart Rate so I wanted to use this one for this. 


  1. Hey! have you seen this!

    1. I hadn't seen that yet, but that's awesome. I'm not nearly skilled enough to watch them and do that though. I can barely do the moves with Shaun T breaking them down step by step and making me do them over and over and over and over and over again.

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  3. Did you finish the program?

  4. I just finished week 1 of cize called crazy 8s. Much easier than going to the routine you started on. It's also 30 mins instead of the full 43. I start the 2nd one tomorrow. Makes me nervous bc I am just starting to get used to this routine haha

  5. but I didn't modify them all the way and just do regular lunges. FREE Exercise DVD Flat Abs Fast