Saturday, July 11, 2015

Zen Labs Couch to 5K C25K Week 7 Day 3

Week 7 Day 3

OMG I only have one week left after this workout! This whole week was walk 5 minutes, run 25 minutes, walk 5 minutes. I did all of my runs at the track this week. The people at the track are starting to drive me insane. A few weeks back, they closed the front gate. I started running on the street and then hubby noticed that the side gate was open, so I used that. Well now they've closed the side gate and are forcing me to go through the back gate. The back gate is further away, so it's really pushing the time limit of my workout. It made it especially obnoxious for this workout because I walked all the way down the side path to the side gate and then had to turn around and then keep walking down to the back gate. It was super dark out this morning and I was super jumpy because of it. It would have been a great day for hubby to be there, but he wasn't feeling well. Okay, so going through the back gate is scary in the dark. There's a house over there and it's all dark and the path isn't clearly defined. I might have to start running on the street again, but it hurts my shins. Oh yeah, and there's a really smelly porta-potty that I have to walk right by through the back gate. UGH!

So this is the workout that almost didn't happen. My toe started to hurt on the walk there. Normally, I can walk it off, but it just wouldn't quit. I told myself that I would get to the track and if it was still hurting, I would just turn around and go home. It didn't hurt once I got to the track, but there was the whole gate issue, so I almost said screw it. I didn't think I would have enough time since I had to walk all the way to the back gate. I then decided that I just didn't care if I got to work late. I went in the back gate and went on my merry way. After about 10 minutes of running, my stomach started to hurt so bad! I kept running though. It was so hot and humid and I was miserable, but I kept running. I was tempted at one point to rip my shirt off since it was just soaked and felt like it weighed a ton. I didn't though and I kept running. I wanted to give up so many times on this run, but I didn't. I forced myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

I felt pretty accomplished after this run. When I first started running with my Polar M400 device, I was running about a 16.5ish minute mile pace. My first two laps were in the low 14 minute mile pace. The third lap was a mix of high 14 and low 15 minute mile pace. The fourth and fifth laps were mid to high 15s and I dipped it low 16ish minute mile pace during parts of the final lap. My speed went down the entire workout and I wanted to die when I was done so I didn't do my one minute sprint, but I'm okay with it. I'm proud of my results of maintaining a faster than my normal pace at the beginning. It gives me hope that I can get faster and maybe do a 5k in a decent time soon! I use the term soon relatively.'

Only one week left!

Polar M400

I'm not really sure what the blip of high heart rate is at the beginning, but I was startled by a couple deer at one point and maybe that's it. The speed was a bit of a mess at the beginning too since I walked down the path and then came back and then slowed down to check the front gate and then had to find my way to the back gate, blah blah blah.........Check out that speed line that just kept going down and down while my heart rate just kept going up and up and up. It didn't seem to come down quite as quickly as my speed either like it normally does. I'm not sure if that's something to do with the crazy crazy humidity that made it more difficult for me to breathe. 

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