Saturday, July 11, 2015

Zen Labs Couch to 5K C25K Week 7 Day 2

Week 7 Day 2

Only a few workouts left for C25K. It seems to have gone by very quickly. I feel like I just started this like last week. I know it's been 7 weeks, but it doesn't feel like it. In the same regard though, it also feels like I've been running forever. Maybe all of my gazelle running dreams are the culprit for that part. :)

When I started this program, I honestly didn't think I'd be able to make it through without having to repeat any of the weeks, so far, I'm on week 7 with no repeats! I've had to slow my pace down at times and I've had to yell at the voices in my head trying to make me stop, but I've gotten to week seven without skipping a workout or repeating a week! Keep in mind, I'm tackling this as a time thing and not a distance thing. The last couple weeks, the app has told me to run a certain number of minutes or a certain amount of miles. I'm always running the time. I'll deal with the distance later.

Hubby didn't want to wake up and come out with me for this workout, but I think I guilted him into doing it! It's nice to have him around even if we're not next to each other the whole time. We walk out there together, but once we get to the track, my earbuds go in and I run while he walks. I managed to lap him twice! He must have been walking slower than normal to make me feel better. :) Towards the end of the end of the workout, I saw that I was catching up to him for the second time, so I went a little faster and a little faster until I caught him. I managed to catch him with like 20 seconds to go. Looking back at the graphic below though, it doesn't reflect me running faster. It looks like I pretty steadily went slower and slower right after I started my running segment. Interesting! 

I got through this workout with relatively little pain. My shins aren't hurting like they were at the start. My calves are still getting a little sore during the runs, but it's all good.

Polar M400

Below is the graphic for the workout. We walked a bit slow on the way there. When I walk with hubby, we walk a little slower. He calms me down and I don't have this obsessive need to just power through. Check out my heart rate just climb and climb as I continued running even when I wasn't increasing the pace! It really came down pretty fast though. I love those speed line right after the run. I walk super slower for the first few seconds

(Editing to include the correct picture and to take out the comments that made reference to the incorrect picture)

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