Monday, July 6, 2015

Zen Labs Couch to 5K C25K Week 7 Day 1


Week 7 Day 1

Today was Week 7 Day 1 for Couch to 5K. I still can't believe that I've come this far! I only have 5 workouts left to C25K. After my horribly painful experience on Friday, I really wanted to run on the track again! Hubby was nice enough to drive me down to the track on our way home from Albany yesterday. I knew there was a sign on the gate, but I wasn't able to read it as I ran by on Friday. I had planned on reading it on my second pass, but I ended up going around the block instead of going back the way I had come at the halfway point. The sign explained where the public entrance was! I was so excited I nearly squealed! If they have a sign directing me to a public entrance, that means that they are okay with me being there! I was thinking that they didn't want the public on the track for the summer! I got to run on the track today! It makes a longer workout since I don't start running until I get to the track, but that's okay. I'm burning extra calories and that's a good thing. 

I knew that today was supposed to be a 25 minute run. It was going to be my longest run yet timewise at least. When the app told me to run, it showed 28 minutes! That would have been a 6 minute increase from my last run. I was a bit confused until I realized that I was somehow on Week 8 Day 1. I didn't want to restart the app, so I just stopped running three minutes early. I then had to run the app for the Week 7 Day 1 workout so I could get the screen shot above. I'm so neurotic. LOL.

I was supposed to run 2-1/2 miles in my 25 minutes. I found that hilarious. We've already established that I'm okay with my slow pace and I'm just going to do 10K Trainer after C25K so I can get up to running 5K. So anyway........I went 1.5 miles in my 25 minutes. I started off fairly strong with a 14ish minute mile pace, but then my shins started to get a bit sore, so I gave up with trying to keep the pace and dropped down into the 15ish minute mile pace. I bounced around all over the place, but kept with a 15 and change pace. My shins were doing okay, but my calves were getting sore! If it's not one thing, it's another. 

When I got down to a minute to go, my shins and calves were doing okay, so I got the brilliant idea to do a little sprint. I really liked doing those last week, but I didn't do one on Friday because my shins hurt so badly. Today, I felt good, so I did it. I went as fast as I could go. My heart was pounding like crazy. I thought I was going to die, but I went a little faster and a little faster until I broke into an 11 minute and 55 second mile pace! I'm pretty sure that was the fastest that I have ever run! There was a brief period of time where I actually felt like a gazelle while I was running. When I dream of running, I run like a gazelle. I've never felt that in reality though until today! It felt amazing until I stopped running and tried to catch my breath. I had sharp shooting pains in my shoulder too, but my shins and calves were okay! 

The rest of the week is this same 25 minutes of running, but next week, we increase to 28 and then to 30. By next Friday, I'm supposed to run 5K. So not happening but we'll see just how far I do get. I talked about doing the 10K Trainer, but if I'm close to a 5k, Maybe I'll just add a lap every couple of days until I get up to a 5k. I'm so indecisive. 

Polar M400

Here's the screen shot from the Polar M400. I'm soooooooooo excited! The other day, I was talking to hubby about the annoying elevation line. The grid started at sea level, so if I did a walk or hike that started at a high elevation, but didn't have much elevation in the hike/walk, it looked like a straight line. I did an update and now the grid starts off at the start point of the hike/walk and then it goes up from there! It makes it look like my run today had some hills, but it's like 40 feet. Now, I want to go back to Suttle Lake to redo the graph so I can show the ups and downs!  

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