Friday, April 7, 2017

21 Day Fix Extreme 10 Minute Harcore Revisited

21 Day Fix Extreme 10 Minute Hardcore

Since I'm still recovering from my broken foot, I needed a nice short workout that I could do on my back. I wanted to do the 21 Day Fix 10 Minute Ab Fix, but my friend hasn't returned it so I picked 21 Day Fix Extreme 10 Minute Hardcore in hopes that it was doable. I did it awhile ago, but couldn't remember it.

My workout room is a mess so I had to do this in the living room. There's not much padding in the living room. It wasn't pleasant. I almost gave up after laying on the floor because my lower back wasn't feeling so good, but I didn't give up!

I thought this used a band, but I was wrong. She did use one weight some some of it but I didn't use it because I'm a wimp now and I've got enough pain to deal with so I didn't want to be too sore. There were only six moves and they lasted a minute. You can read the play by play on my Previous post about the workout.

I did the plank position thing on my knees to make it doable. I think my doctor would frown on the plank while wearing a boot on my foot. Overall, I'm pleased with how it went and I was a little sore the following day.

My plan was to workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I got the Monday and Wednesday part done on schedule even though I was tired and not in the mood to workout. I don't have stats for the workout because I still haven't found the heart rate monitor.

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