Monday, April 17, 2017

Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Get Up and Get Started 1 Mile Walk Revisited


I'm still in my boot while I recover from breaking my foot three and a half months ago, but I need to be working out. I made a plan to do some form of exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I must stick with that. I need to get into the routine before the boot comes off because once the boot comes off, I have to go pretty hard core on this. I'm not talking about running once the boot is off, but it needs to be more than 15 minutes of chair exercise once the boot is off.

I decided to try this Walk Away the Pounds workout in a chair. I knew it was going to take a bit of modifying, but I wanted someone telling me when it was time to change to a new move even if I wasn't doing the exact move that everyone else was doing. I have to get a bit creative while I'm in the boot. It was a good thought, but it wasn't exactly a great experience.

You can read a full play by play of the workout on my post from way back in January of 2014 when I wrote about the Walk Away the Pounds 5-Day Fit Walk Get Up and Get Started 1 Mile. This would have been one of my first workouts after starting the blog. Wow!!

So the arm movements were easy since I didn't have to modify those. Although, my shoulders did get a bit tired during the workout and I wasn't even using weights. When she had us walking in the video, I just lifting my feet up off the floor a little and marked in place in the chair. We did a lot of this and it was actually a bit challenging as time went on. I was actually thinking it might make me sore the next day. It didn't, but I thought it was going to. When she did knee lifts, I tried to raise my knee up higher and gently lower it back down so I didn't whack my foot too hard on the floor. When she did kicks, I did a kicking motion, but it didn't have much oomph to it. When she did side steps, I got all sorts of messed up in my brain. I tried to move my right foot right and then my left foot right. Then my left foot left and my right foot left. It didn't really go so well and I just gave up with trying to convince my feet to go where my brain wanted them to go and just let them go where they wanted as long as they were going sideways. When she did kickbacks, I ended up tapping my toot up onto a kitchen steps stool that I had. When she did double side steps, I don't even know what my feet did. I could barely handle single sidesteps. Doubles were just madness.

This workout did get my heart rate up a bit when I was doing stuff with my arms. When there were no arm movements, it wasn't much of a workout as far as cardio is concerned since I wasn't making very big movements.

This wasn't very fun or exciting, but it got the job done. I moved. I felt better for having gotten through the first week of my new plan of working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I learned that it really sucks working out in a chair and I learned just how far I've let things go over the past year. I can only blame so much on my foot. I've let all of life's struggles get in the way of taking care of myself and I need to change that. I need to put me first for a change. I need to tell other people that I can't be everything to everyone. I need to focus on me and getting rid of this fat for good. I'm not even sure how much weight I've gained because I can't get on the scale because of my foot (or at least that's my excuse for not getting on the scale and facing reality) What I do know though......I know that I'm wearing the biggest pair of pants that I've ever worn. It's a bigger size than when I started the blog and buying those jeans at Walmart and having them be the biggest pair in the store was what prompted me to start working out again. I'm tired of this up and down crap. I'm tired of letting other things become more important than me.

I don't have any graphs or charts of the workout. I still haven't found my heart rate monitor. I haven't actually looked for it yet though.

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