Monday, November 16, 2015

Review of 21 Day Fix Extreme Day 15: Plyo Fix Extreme

Day 15: Plyo Fix Extreme

Today was the last day of Plyo Fix Extreme for this round of 21 Day Fix Extreme. You don't know how happy that makes me! I don't like jumping! This entire workout is all about jumping. I was looking forward to putting this one behind me. A funny thing happened while doing the workout though. As I'm doing each move, I'm thinking, "So when does the hard stuff come in? I remember this being hard, but I'm doing okay right now." I still counted down the rounds. I still watched the timer click down each second of each move and I still wasn't loving life, but I remember it being harder. Either I'm getting better at this, or I'm remembering leg day! I know there were certain moves that I was dreading doing, but we didn't do them. Those must be on leg day. 

I can't really think of much to say. I'm super tired. We stayed up to watch the Seahawks and Cardinals game last night. We stayed up way past bedtime and still didn't get to see the whole game. The game lasted a blooming eternity. They had a lot of injury time outs in that one and one of them was a pretty long one where the guy got taken away by an ambulance. I couldn't fall asleep when I finally did get to bed. I'm glad we didn't stay up to finish the last "10 minutes" of the game. I put that in quotes because 10 minutes of game time is soooooo much longer than 10 minutes. I think the last 51 seconds of the first half lasted like 10 minutes. Anyway, it was after 10:00 before I fell asleep and I woke up at 4:00. Well, I woke up several times before that, but I got out of bed at 4:00. I'm tired and just want to crawl back into bed instead of go to work. 

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