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Cize The End of Exercize Day 4 Review: You Got This & 8 Count Abs

Day 4: You Got This & 8 Count Abs

Today was Day 4 of Cize! I didn't give myself enough time to do both workouts, but I still did both of them! I really wish they had put 8 Count Abs on the same day as Crazy 8s since it's shorter, but I kind of like it this way too since I have a short day and a long day. I did You Got This first. It was my third time doing the workout, but only the second time doing it during this round of Cize. I thought that it was only in the program once more, but I was wrong. It's actually in the program twice more. So with the advanced calendar, we alternate the two workouts on the first DVD for a week and then move to the second DVD and then the third DVD. The final week of the program has each workout once more. 

I tried to put as much as I could into this workout. I wiggled my hips more and really got into the Cize Bounce. The Cize Bounce is what he has you do between moves. Most workouts would have you march in place or do side steps to bring your heart rate down a bit, but we do the Cize Bounce. You can do it kind of low key if you need to bring your heart rate down, but I put as much into it as I could. It's a bit difficult for me to explain it, but your feet are wide and planted. You bounce a bit and kind of lean to one side as your hand on the opposite side comes up and then down by your side. 

I did a lot better with this workout than I did on Day 2. I remembered more of the routine without having to watch the screen and I was able to really get into some of the moves. I even put on my "sexy face" wile I was doing some of it! I'm sure I didn't look sexy, but I felt sexy. Well, as sexy as I can feel while pouring sweat and breathing heavy. :)

The Cize It Up section went pretty well this time and I think I'm going to give myself a 2 for this routine. I still wish that it was on a scale of 5, but it is what it is and I'm going with a 2 based on the Cize It Up section alone. I made some mistakes in the training sections, but I did pretty well with the Cize It Up section. 

I gotta say that this workout really got my heart going and my muscles felt like I ran a 5k today! My glutes were all tingly throughout the day! My back is still sore from the last few days. I think it's crazy that I did Body Beast, but rarely felt anything in my back and Cize is giving me DOMS in pretty much my entire back. I'm really loving this program. 

I told someone that I deal with at work that I was doing Cize and she was shocked! I had told her about my experience with the Turbofire workout that came with PiYo. She knew that I had not enjoyed that workout at all and it was because it was so dancy. I've since discovered that I can do dance workouts as long as I have the right instructor. After I do Cize, I'm going to try that Turbofire workout again though and see if I've grown enough to move on to stuff like that yet. It's highly doubtful, but I'm going to check anyway! 

It was after 5:00 when I was done with You Got This, but I still did 8 Count Abs! I'm determined to do all of the ab workouts in this one just like I did them with Rockin' Body. I'm still made at myself for skipping out on all of the Body Beast ab workouts. I got through the first half of 8 Count Abs and wanted to die. This thing is brutal. I did better than the first time though. For the second half, I decided to go get a pillow from the front room. Maybe doing stand up abs is better for me! Sitting on my gym room floor just hurt! I didn't have that problem during PiYo doing the ab workouts on my front room floor. The pillow helped and I was able to get through the second half of this one. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Check out that calorie burn on You Got This! It was a new record for me for aerobic stuff excluding hiking and running. I was a bit surprised that my heart rate didn't get much time up in the 5 section, but it did spent a lot of time in 4 so that works. I'm still a bit frustrated that the strap isn't sitting right during my ab routine. There are a lot of breaks in that red line during that one. Oh well. I guess it doesn't really matter since it's just a short ab workout. 

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