Saturday, May 9, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 59: Build Back and Bis

Day 59: Build Arms

Day 59 of the Lean Program for Body Beast was Build Back and Bis. Back and Bis has always been my favorite day! I don't feel like a weakling on back and bis day! I discovered something while doing this workout though. There isn't much difference between the back stuff in this workout and the Bulk Back. Build Back and Bis has some bicep stuff at the end of the workout, but most of the back stuff is all the same just in a different order or different types of sets. I focused on keeping the weights low and really working on squeezing the muscles. I think it's working. The afternoon of this workout, my back was feeling it! I went a little too light on some of the bicep stuff though. I didn't feel it at all the next day. Next time I go through Body Beast, I think I'm going to invest in some 8 pound weights. I really think I need them. Two pounds doesn't seem like it would be a big difference, but I'm pretty sure it will make a big difference for me!

The Worksheet

Here's the worksheet! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I'm not sure how I got 17 minutes of activity on this workout, but my arms were moving the bulk of the time so I guess it thinks I was moving around more than I was. I don't normally get many activity minutes with strength training.

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