Saturday, May 9, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 60: Beast Cardio

Day 60: Beast Cardio

Day 60 of the Lean Program for Body Beast is supposed to be Beast Cardio and Beast Abs, but I only did Beast Cardio. I've been a big slacker with the abs, but it's hard enough to motivate to do this workout. Adding another 10 minutes to it might just put me over the edge. Oddly enough, it wasn't as annoying this time around. I keep the volume lower and I try to focus on things other than the annoying guy. The crazy amounts of rest time are still annoying because I don't keep my heart rate up the whole time, but I've got plenty of time for intense cardio once Body Beast is over. During the In and Outs, I sing the alphabet in my head and don't look at the screen. All of that bouncing is really hard for me and if I focus on the timer, I'll quit and modify it. For some reason, I can get through the Toe Taps without doing the alphabet, but the In and Outs are really sucky. My hair starts falling out of my scrunchy and my boobs are bouncing all over the place. I'm to the point now where it's all of the extra stuff that's annoying and not the fact that my legs hurt. They used to hurt doing this and I'd give up in the last 15 seconds or so, but not now! Now it's the bouncing boobs and the hair falling out that makes me want to give up on it. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I got more total activity minutes in my Back and Bis workout from the day before, but I got more vigorous in this one. 

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