Friday, January 23, 2015

Weight Watchers Day 5

Today was Day 5 for Weight Watchers! I went over my points again, but I'm still doing well for the week. All of my weekly points will be used up most likely, but my activity points won't get eaten. Next week will be better. I'm going to come up with a better plan for next week and it will involve more fruits and veggies and less grains. No more bread for breakfast and I'm dropping the peanut butter too. I actually already dropped the peanut butter. I didn't make the best decision for dinner tonight. I had way more tater tots than I should have had, but I'm still within my points for the week, so I'm okay with it.

I got some extra activity at work today! I normally walk around for an hour at work, but it's not an hour straight so I don't count it. Today, I was using the scanner and that means I'm stuck in one spot for like 30 minutes or more. While I'm there, I do side steps. Today, I did them as fast as I could and still maintain my scanning. Normally, it doesn't count as moderate activity, but today it registered as moderate. I did two 30 minute sessions and all of it counted as moderate, so I counted it as light activity. Look at all those exercise points adding up!

Points Plus Diary Screen Shot

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