Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weight Watchers Day 3

Today was Day 3 of Weight Watchers. I've gone over my points each day this week, but I get 49 weekly points to use so as long as I don't go more than 7 points over, I should be fine. This week was more about trying to find out how many points I've been eating and then this weekend I will make adjustments and a solid plan for next week. I really thought that 21 Day Fix and Weight Watchers would jive a bit better, but if I eat all the food that I ate on 21 Day Fix, I'm over on my points. I do have activity points that I can use, but that just seems counter productive. I wasn't very hungry today. I was pretty sore from my workout yesterday though. I had planned on going out to dinner on Monday after the 21 Day Fix was over, but we didn't do that because hubby was sick. We decided to go out tonight. I didn't have many points left over for dinner. I brought my app with me and looked up some foods while I was there. They were estimates though because the restaurant I went to didn't have nutritional content on the menu. I had to just hope that the points were similar to the stuff I looked up. I thought about getting a beef burger, but after looking at the points, I went with a turkey burger. I gave my bacon to my husband and I went with a whole grain bun. I still got the fries, but I did provolone cheese instead of cheddar like I normally would. We skipped dessert too. I still ate my homemade frozen yogurt though. I just realized that I went over by more than 7 points today, but it's still okay because I didn't go 7 over on the previous two days so I think I'm still good for the week. I still have activity points to fall back on!

Points Plus Diary Screen Shot

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