Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review of Box 58

What it is and why I get them is a mail order snack subscription service. You give them $6.49 and they send you a box of these wonderful snacks. They are uber awesome. If you want to sign up, use my referral code. You'll get your first and fifth boxes free and I'll get a dollar that I can use towards my next box or I can donate to the farming school. So far, I've donated them all to the farming school. There are four snacks per box. You can get them once a week or every other week. You can put them on hold if you're going on vacation or if you have too many stored up. I have two different boxes. Once comes each week and one comes every fourth week. There are five work days in a week and only four snacks so the extra box makes it so I can have one snack on each work day. I've got quite the stash going at work since the holidays meant days off from work. I put one box on hold and I take the popcorn home and eat it on the weekends. 

The Packaging

The snacks are in individual plastic packs with peel away plastic film lids. The popcorn is in a different type of container since you wouldn't put the others in the microwave. The snacks are packaged in a paperboard box. There are four snacks per box.


This is lightly salted microwave popcorn. This stuff is the best microwave popcorn I have ever had. It doesn't even have butter! It's just awesome! 

Cinnamon Pretzel

This has poppy seed pretzels and cinnamon honey almonds. I love the cinnamon honey almonds. They are just too dang good. The pretzels are good too. It's got a nice mix of snacks. 

Apple Cosmo

This has apple, lime raisins and cranberries. In the beginning, I wasn't into these dried apples, but I like them now. I'm not sure if they changed the apples or if I've changed with this healthy eating journey. When I started getting these, they didn't seem very sweet, but now, they are pretty yummy. 

Hot Cross Yum

This has orange raisins, sponge pieces and cinnamon honey almonds. Love the almonds, but you already know that since they were in the pretzel snack above. I like the sponge pieces and the raisins too. It's a good snack with a nice mix of ingredients. 

Nutritional Facts

Each box comes with a sheet with the nutritional facts on it. I usually take a picture, but I forgot to take it of this one. It's got all the regular stuff plus the ingredients list and the expiration date. 

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