Monday, October 13, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 43

Day 43: Sculpt

Day 43 of PiYo was Sculpt. I like this workout and hate it at the same time. I love that it's different than the others! It has a different warm up too. I get bored with the same stuff over and over again. This is a nice change of pace.

This one doesn't have any of the rapid succession of moves like Sweat and Drench, but it's loaded with lunges, squats and push ups. It also has tricep dips.

I was able to keep up for most of it. I did have to skip a few reps and I just can't do the side plank knee crunch thing. I did okay with split down dog on one side, but bailed early on the second side. My shoulders were pretty sore. That concerns me with kettlebells and PiYo over lapping starting in a few days! I really want to get through Drench once without bailing on the split down dog. Oh well.
Now that this workout is done, I have less than two weeks of PiYo. I'm one day closer to starting C25K! Woot woot.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Wow! I got 7 minutes of total activity. Woot Woot. OH I can't wait to run on a regular basis so I have some impressive screen shots with crazy calorie burns!

Want to Learn More? Watch the video

If you're interested in buying PiYo, make sure you buy it from a Coach so you get the extra DVD for free. If you don't have a coach, you can buy it through me at my Beachbody page


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