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Beachbody 21 Day Fix Day 6 Dirty 30

Day 6: Dirty 30

I wasn't really sure what to expect with this one. The name doesn't really say much. This one used two sets of dumbbells. They had a modifier who used a resistance band. The other modifier just used really light weights for the whole time. 

The warm up was the same as the first three workouts and Cardio Fix. I wish they had different warm ups, but they don't, so I'll deal. We did running in place, jumping jacks, windmills, side bends and toe touches. Then we repeated it all. The motto of this workout was Don't Wish for it Work for it. I think I've done a Leslie Sansone workout that was filmed in this same studio. 

This workout followed the same format. Four rounds. Each round had two exercises. Each exercise lasted 1 minute. There was a 20ish second break between each move. We repeated each set during each round.

Round 1 was alternating side lunges. Maybe I wasn't going deep enough on these, but I didn't really feel them in my legs. I might feel them tomorrow though! Then we did Renegade Rows, but not like the ones I've done before. We held a plank position, but only had one dumbbell. We did 30 seconds on one side and then switched to the other side. I've only done them with a dumbbell in each hand. Doing them With the other hand flat on the floor is weird. I ended up doing most of these on my knees.

Round two was a Sumo Row. We did Sumo squats while doing an upright row with our light weights. I kinda liked these. Then we did Chest Fly Raise. We did a chest fly while raising our legs up and down. They were supposed to be straight, but mine ended up with a bend at the knee. I didn't do the full modified version, but it was my own version. These were pretty hard. The chest flys were easy. My 10 pound weights almost felt too light, but the leg part was rough. 

Round 3 was Tricep Kickbacks. She said to use the heavy weights. My heavy weights are 10 pounds. These were really hard with 10 pound dumbbells. I have really wimpy triceps. Then we did Squat Lateral Raise. So we did a normal squat and brought the weights down by our sides. As we came up, we did a lateral raise. I really liked these. My shoulders are getting so much stronger. Once upon a time, I couldn't do 60 seconds of lateral raises without weights in my hand! 

Round 4 was Side Bends.We used a single weight. Our feet were a little wider than shoulder width. We kept our hips stationary and we bent from the waist to lower the weight down to the knee. Then we came back up. It didn't feel all that hard. She talked about how it didn't feel hard while doing it, but the next day would be rough. After 30 seconds we switched sides. Then we go down on the floor. We did a side elbow plank. The top arm went straight up into the air. Then we lifted the top leg. The modifier was down on her knee. I did as much as I could up on my foot, but it didn't last long. I went down to my knee. For my second side even on my knee was too much. I ended up just going down to my hip and lifting my leg up without the plank posture. It was just too much! 

Then we went into the cool down which was the same cool down as the first three workouts and Cardio Fix. Tomorrow is Yoga Fix. I'm really looking forward to doing Yoga again, but I'm kinda nervous that it won't be Yoga that I like. I'm more into Yoga with people who live and breathe Yoga as part of their culture and not so much into the studio yoga. We'll see how it goes though. 

Right now as I right this, my calves are sore. my hamstrings are sure, my upper back is sore and my triceps are a bit sore. I'm not nearly as sore as I was from the first workout though. I'm a bit nervous to do that one again! I am enjoying this program even though I didn't think I would like it. I usually  have to disguise my workouts. Les Mills Combat was awesome because I could pretend that I was in a self defense class. It wasn't really workout out. It was just fun. Well, except for the HIIT workouts. Those were just work. There are so many things in this workout program that involve weights though so it's workout for me. If I can be distracted by a prop, it goes well too. I love lifting weights.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I thought I would have had more activity minutes with this one, but oh well. I got a nice workout in.

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