Sunday, January 18, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 21 Yoga Fix

Day 21: Yoga Fix

Today was Day 21 of the 21 Day Fix! It was my last day! Woot Woot! It went by really fast. I still don't have any of the workouts memorized. Today was Yoga Fix. I did this for the first time on Day 7 of the 21 Day Fix. I wasn't a huge fan the first time, but it definitely grew on me. I love yoga. The first time I did it, the strength poses in the beginning seemed to last a really long time, but this time they seemed pretty short. I really enjoyed doing this one this time. I got a good stretch going. I'm getting so close to being able to "kiss my knee!" I'm really excited about that. For my size, I really shouldn't be able to stretch as far as I can! 

I'm done with this round of 21 Day Fix, but I still have to do the free workout, Plyo Fix, and the two 10 minute workouts that came with the program. I didn't do the doubles week. I kind of wish I had, but I'm also glad that I didn't. I really liked that I only had to workout for 30 minutes a day. I never felt stressed out by this program. I never felt like it was eating up too much of my time or I was giving up something in order to do it. If I had done doubles week, it would have meant doing another workout in the evening and I don't get much down time as it is. It would have made evenings stressful with working out, editing and figuring out dinner. I'm pretty sure that I'll do another round of this at some point. I'm thinking of doing just a week of this in between other programs. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I wasn't expecting much out of the screen shot since it's Yoga. 

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