Sunday, January 18, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 21 Food

Day 21 Food

Breakfast: Shakeology with Greek yogurt. 2 red

Lunch: Peanut butter sandwich, an apple and 2 hard boiled eggs. 1 red, 2 purple, 2 yellow, 3 teaspoons

Snack: Cheese and Green Juice. 1 Blue, 3 green, 1/2 purple

Dinner: Pork loin, green beans, spiralized carrots with an orange glaze. 2 red, 2 green, 

Dessert: Homemade vanilla yogurt, peanut butter sandwich, peanuts. 2 yellow, 3 teaspoons, 1/2 red, 1 orange


Green 5 - Red 5-1/2 - Yellow 4 - Purple 2 - Orange 1 - Blue 1 - Teaspoons 6

I didn't have a solid plan for today and my schedule was all messed up since it was Sunday and hubby came home early from work. I was pretty much starving when it was time for dinner, but dinner took forever to cook. I made it through the diet plan with minimal cheating. Okay well, maybe more than minimal if you count a snack each work day and raisins in all of my salads, but it's not like I had pizza or a cheeseburger and fries or anything. I'm pretty impressed that I was able to stick with it as well as I have. I never planned to be super strict with the plan, so I'm okay with the graze stuff and the raisins. 

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