Monday, January 19, 2015

Les Mills Combat Mini Round Day 1 - Combat 30 Kick Start

Day 1: Combat 30 Kick Start

I've been wanting to do Les Mills Combat again, but I didn't want to do Shock Plyo or Power HIIT. I had planned on doing a 60 day round with Les Mills Combat and PiYo. I was talking to my husband about it, and he said that I should do whatever was the hardest thing I've done so far so I can see how far I've come. I decided to do a mini round of Les Mills Combat and do all of the workouts. The plan is for it to last two weeks, but if the Bowflex adjustable weights show up before the two weeks is up, I might start Body Beast early. A few posts back, I said that I was going to start Les Mills Pump on February 2nd, but I changed my mind. Hubby bought a weight bench for the workout room and he bought the Bowflex adjutable weights, so I decided that I want to do Body Beast as soon as I can! 

I decided to start my mini round at the beginning and I picked Combat 30 Kick Start. If you want to see a play by play of the workout,, check out Day 1 of Les Mills Combat from back in July. I really liked doing this workout again. I love martial arts workouts and this is a really good one. My glutes and hamstrings were all tingly today. I was able to keep up with the workout. I did all of the cross jacks and all of the scissor legs. I also discovered why I was always one step behind. We did 7 Upper Cuts, but only 6 scissor legs! How did I miss that in all of the workouts before. Live and Learn! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here are the screen shots for the workout. I got 24 minutes of total activity today! That was awesome. It felt amazing! 

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