Monday, January 19, 2015

Weight Watchers Day 1

Today was my first day with Weight Watchers. I'm doing it on my own with the help of a friend and an app. I don't have the money to spend on the full Weight Watchers program. Today was a bit rough. I was pretty much hungry the whole day. I got used to a certain eating plan while doing 21 Day Fix. I thought that I would be able to eat more food with Weight Watchers than with 21 Day Fix, but I'm finding that the foods that I got used to eating on the 21 Day Fix are kind of high in points. This is going to take a bit of adjusting. I can eat as many veggies and fruits as I want, so there's no excuse to be hungry. I just need to learn to adapt. I'm not too stressed out about the points for the first week though so if I have t go over, I go over. I'm not going to be starving all week though.

I get 40 points per day since I'm a big girl. I get an extra 49 weekly points to use whenever I want throughout the week. My Les Mills Combat workout earned me 8 activity points. I ate over my 40 points for the day, so it came out of my activity points. I don't really want to use up my activity points by eating them since it seems counter productive, but I was hungry! I did have a major win though. After dinner, I was hungry so I ate a cucumber instead of going for peanut butter like I normally eat at night.

The app is really easy to use, but it doesn't have a good screen that I can take a picture of and incorporate into the blog. I will experiment with the different screens and see what shows things the best. I'm learning that there are things that are a bit annoying with the app. For example, this shows 40/40 Daily (0 Left), but I actually used 44.5 and used 4.5 Activity Points.

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