Saturday, January 17, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 20 Dirty 30

Day 20: Dirty 30

Today was Day 20 of the 21 Day Fix. It was Dirty 30! I did this one the first time on Day 6 of the 21 Day Fix. I really like Dirty 30 even though it's some hard stuff. I like that we go up and down throughout the whole workout. Each round has something on the floor and something standing up. I didn't do so well with the renegade rows. I couldn't do them all in Plank position. I ended up going down to my knees after 30 seconds or so. I did the first round of tricep kickbacks with the heavy weights, but I went with the second round with the lower weights. I knew that my form wasn't going to be good with the higher weight. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot. I thought I would have gotten more activity minutes on this, but oh well. 

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