Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 48: Yoga Twist Flow

Day 48: Yoga Twist Flow

I finally got through the final Yoga workout from Daily Burn. I love these workouts. I love the instructor. I love the setting. I love the Yoga. I'm going to miss these. I tried to do this one on Sunday, but the video died and I couldn't revive it. I was afraid that I wouldn't get another opportunity to do it before my trial was up. It's an hour long workout so I have to wake up on time to get it done. Today, I woke up on time and decided that I just need to slam this out. 

This workout was listed as hard and it was! It's another one that doesn't have a fast forward option, so I can't do a play by play. Well, I could, but that would mean watching the whole thing again and I'm just not interested in doing that. 

I'll tell you want I remember. This one started out nice and easy by laying on our backs and just breathing. It also ended that way. Everything in between the beginning pose and the end pose was just hard!!!! After the beginning pose, we moved right into the meat of it. We started out doing a bicycle type move, but it was like slow motion and it was intense! We started off by pulling our knees up above our hips and then keeping our lower leg parallel to the floor. We put our hands behind our head and twisted to bring an elbow to the opposite knee while one leg was straight out just hovering over the floor. After a breath, we switched. We did this part pretty slowly unlike normal bicycles that you should keep moving. In PiYo, I got pretty good at bicycles, but this was torture! 

After that, we did some of the vinyasa stuff where we were in Down Dog then we hopped forward and did some forward folding. Then we hopped back to plank, went down to chataranga (I still can't spell it) then Up Dog and the finally Down Dog again. We did some Chair during this too. However, the chair involved putting our hands in a prayer position while twisting to the side so our left elbow would be on the outside of our right thigh. I'm getting good at Chair and can get much deeper now. My legs were on fire though. However, I just couldn't get the twist deep enough. I could get my left elbow to the inside of my right knee and that's about it. 

We did some Warrior 1 and Warrior 3. We also did a lot of balancing on one leg towards the end. We had one knee pulled up and then grabbed our toes on that foot and stretched out the foot straight. Okay, she did that. I just kept it bent. I kept falling out of it too. It was not a pretty sight, but oh well. I can't remember the names of most of the stuff we did, but there was a lot of twisting and a lot of balance stuff. She did a move where she was balancing completely on just two hands. No way that's happening for me anytime soon. 

My overall thoughts..... There was so much that I wasn't able to do, but I still loved the workout. I found joy in the fact that I was able to do so much of it and didn't think I should be able to since it was listed as a Hard Yoga workout and I'm 267 pounds and a very novice yogi. I was able to do things better than I had my first few workouts with yoga. I'm still working on my balance, but I really liked this one. I really wish I could just buy these workouts! Oh well, I picked up another Rodney Yee Yoga DVD from the library today. I'm really excited to try it. The library has several of his DVDs. If Gaiam TV does another offer for a month at 99 cents, I might do it just to try out more of his stuff! I'm kinda kicking myself for not doing it when it was offered the other day. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

These are never really impressive, but I don't care. I have fun with yoga. While doing it this morning, I was actually thinking about the why of it. I was also thinking that I wish I had started it sooner. I might not have fallen off the fitness wagon the last time if I had been doing yoga and foam rolling them. Okay, so I think I really like yoga for a few reasons......I like the calmness of it. There's no bouncing around doing burpees. The music is calming and the instructors that I've chosen to follow are positive and encouraging without being overbearing and perky. I think another huge factor though....Yoga is strength training in disguise. After some of these workouts, I really feel like I have been lifting weights. I guess I have been since it's all about my own body weight and I've got plenty of weight! Maybe I'll get better at this yoga stuff and I can be a yoga instructor! Wouldn't that be a hoot. 

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