Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 49: Cardio Sculpt BHT (Buns, Hips and Thighs)

Day 49: Cardio Sculpt BHT (Buns, Hips and Thighs)

Only two workouts before my trial is over! I'm pretty happy that all of those days that I doubled up made it so I only missed out on essentially 10 days of workouts. I'm going to miss the yoga workouts and I'm pretty bummed that I won't get to do any of Bob Harper's stuff. I could do one tomorrow, but I had already picked a few that I wanted to do before I found out about his stuff so I'll probably do Daily Burn again at some point in the future. It's only $10/month and I'm sure they'll send me some incentive to rejoin. They already sent me a 50% off three months over. It was actually tempting, but I have 21 Day Fix, Tai Cheng and Pump to do, plus Slim in 6 after I buy that one since I have the upgrade package now from the sale. 

Okay, so the workout......This was another HIIT workout with Anja as the instructor. I really like her and I like her workouts. Her HIIT workouts have structure. This had four circuits. Each circuit had two moves that we did four times each. Each move was 30 seconds with a 15 second rest. There was a one minute rest after each circuit. We needed dumbbells for this one, but you could do it without them. I only used 5 pound dumbbells, but could have done it with more. 

The warm up included Power Arms. We basically raised an arm up and over our head and then went to the other side with the same thing. Then we did Side Squats and rear lunges. The challenge was Elbow Plank. It was a bit of an odd challenge though. I made it through the full minute without any issues. It made me think that I could go another minute! I need to see how long I can plank for, but I can't just say, "Oh. How long can I plank for today?" I will give up as soon as I start to shake. I need to challenge myself to hold it for two minutes and see if I can do it. She gave us the option of just holding the plank or going from elbow plank to push up position and back down again again. 

Circuit 1 was a Side Squat and a Squat Hold. We did the side squat on the same side for the whole round and then the second round was the other side. The Squat Hold was HARD! We held a squat for 30 seconds! It hurt, but I survived.

Circuit 2 was a Back Lunge and a Back Lunge Tap. The Back Lunge started out as a normal back lunge, but then we dragged our toe slowly as we stood up. The Back Lunge Tap involved holding the back lunge position but then pulling the back leg back to the front and tapping it down. Both of these were pretty rough on the plant let!

Circuit 3 was the Curtsy Lunge and Leg Lift. The Curtsy Lunge is pretty self explanatory. You can Google it if you don't know what it is. For the leg lift, we held the dumbbells in front of us with our hands together and our elbows up. We crunched the elbow down to the side and lifted our leg up. 

Circuit 4 was Side Lunges and Jacks. We did a lateral lunge and made sure that the "plant" leg stayed perfectly straight. Then we came back to center and did another lateral lunge, but at an angle to the back. I didn't enjoy Jacks. It was the leg portion of jumping jacks. We didn't have to do the arm part though so I was able to hold my boobs still which is the main reason why I hate jumping things. I really need to get an awesome sports bra, but the boobs are shrinking too much to bother spending money on one that won't last long. 

Then we did a cool down. It was normal cool down stuff. 

Overall, I really liked this workout. It went super fast and the jacks were the only thing I didn't really like. I like Anja and I like weights. Win Win.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here's the screen shot. It's not very impressive. I would have taken another step had I known that I was at 999, but I didn't notice. 

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