Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 47: Intelliburn Powerball Strength

Day 47: Intelliburn Powerball Strength

I've been seeing Anja with a stability ball in the intros for the Cardio Sculpt workouts that I've been doing. I've wanted to find the workout, but hadn't found it. I like Anja and I love my stability ball so I thought it was win win. I went on a mission to find it and I did! I was seeing it in the intro to Cardio Sculpt, but the workout is part of Intelliburn. 

The workout was about 35 minutes long. It was another HIIT workout. There were four circuits. Each circuit had two moves that we alternated for a total of four rounds. They were 30 seconds long with 15 seconds of rest and then a minute of rest between each circuit. There was a modifier who didn't use a ball, so if you don't have one, you'll be fine. 

We started out doing Ball Swings. We held the ball and did the pendulum thing like we did with the medicine ball on Sunday's workout. Then we did Side Squats. We stepped to the side and squatted down as we touched the ball down to the ground. Then we stepped center and put the ball up over our heads. Then we did reverse lunges. The ball was up over our head when were standing and as we lunged back, the ball came down n front of us. Next was Spine Roll. We set the ball down and rolled forward into a forward fold and then we rolled back up.

Then it was time for the Sit Up Challenge. I had to stick my feet under the recliner to do the sit ups. We didn't do these on the ball. I can crunch, but I can't sit up unless my feet are held down. 

Circuit 1 was Jack Knife and Ball Push Ups. The Jack Knife is the Pike thing that we did in Quick Core. We were in Plank position with our toes on the ball. Our butts were supposed to go up in the air. It was pretty much impossible for me. I ended up just doing Pikes on the floor. I tried to do the rolling the ball forward thing instead of piking up, but that didn't go so well either, so I just did the floor stuff. The push ups were done in the same position with the toes on the ball. I tried the first set, but didn't get very far so I just did them on my knees. 

Circuit 2 was Dumbbell Raise and Crunch. These were both done on the ball on our backs. The Dumbbell Raise started off with a Chest Press. Then we turned our hands so that our palms were facing each other. Then we moved the dumbbells back over our head. Then we went back up to chest press position and lowered them. The Crunch was done on our backs with our hands up like we had just pushed up into a chest press. Then we just did crunches with our arms up like that. This was a bit rough on my legs. I think I need a bigger ball so it will hold more of me. My legs and glutes were working hard to keep my butt up.

Circuit 3 was Alternating Lunges and Shake. These were forward lunges this time. We raised and lowered the ball just like in the warmup. For Shake, we held the ball in front of us and just shook it left and right. It sounds easy, but it was a bit of a challenge in my shoulders. I didn't enjoy my body parts bouncing. 

Circuit 4 was Cobra and Tricep Extension. We were on our chests on the ball for both of these. For Cobra our hands were sort of by our sides, but down by the floor. We raised our backs up like in a superman. The tricep extensions were just normal tricep extensions, but we were laying on a ball. 

Then we moved to the cool down. We did normal stretchy stuff.

Overall, I really liked this workout. It was challenging and fun at the same time. I really like Anja. I wish I could buy some of her DVDs. I'm enjoying the Daily Burn stuff, but I just can't see perpetually renting. If I was going to get new stuff each week, I could do it, but to just rent the same stuff over and over again just seems wrong. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the BodyMedia screen shot of the day. I wasn't expecting many minutes of activity, but I thought I would have gotten more than four. Oh well. 

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