Monday, December 8, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 46: Cardio Sculpt Box 'n Burn

Day 46: Cardio Sculpt Box 'n Burn

Today, I did Box 'n Burn and it played all the way through. I tried this one a week ago, but the video stopped playing after about 20 minutes and I couldn't get it to play again. I really like the instructor. She's hard core enough that she can pull off doing a boxing workout without it feeling like a workout. This was a HIIT workout. There were five circuits. Each circuit had four rounds. Each round was a minute and then we had 20 seconds of rest. I like when HIIT workouts have structure like this. 

The warm up was very bouncy. We started out with a bounce (ironic eh?). Then we moved on to jumping rope without a rope. Then we bounced left and right. Then we just bounced straight up. Next we did jogging in place with picking our knees up in front of us. It wasn't high knees, but it wasn't really jogging in place. Then we did Side Slips which was basically squatting down and then shifting our weight to one side before standing up and going in the opposite direction. Imagine trying to go under a rope. Then we did some twisting to the side and then added a punch after a bit. Then we punched to the front while squatting down a little bit. Then we did some hooks and then finally upper cuts. 

Then it was time for the push up challenge! I did these on my knees. I think I counted, but I can't remember how many I did. I was surprised by how many I was able to do though. I thought I was going to be all sore and weak from yesterday. I was a little stiff, but not bad at all. As I sit here typing this, I'm stiffening up a bit more though. DOMS is supposed to set in around 24 hours later. My normal workouts are first thing in the morning so waking up after a good workout usually means being sore, but this one was in the afternoon so I woke up okay. Now that it's been a full 24 hours, I'm getting stiff and sore. I'm thinking of rolling tonight, but I'm not so sure. Rolling with DOMS can suck! 

Circuit 1 was the Jab Cross. We stood in a boxer stance and jabbed with one hand and crossed with the other. We did the same side like that for the whole round. The next round had the opposite foot forward. We did each side twice. There was an advanced modifier who used 2.5 pound weights for the second set on each side.

Circuit 2 was Hook Uppercut Slip. We did a Hook with the front arm, a Uppercut with the back arm and then we did a slip which was what we did in the warm up that I said was like squatting down under a rope. We did each side for two rounds. I really felt the slips working my backside!

Circuit 3 was All Punches. I think this is where the video died the last time. We did Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper Cut Slip Jab Cross. Repeat. We did each side twice.

Circuit 4 was Hooks. We just kept alternating Hooks. We had each leg forward for two rounds. 

Circuit 5 was Jab Cross. We already did this, but we did it again. We did each side for two rounds. 

Then we did a short cool down with some stretching

Overall, I really liked this workout. I like the instructor and would like to do more of her workouts. She can pull of a boxing workout without it feeling like a workout, but she was still fun and perky and didn't freak out and get in my face telling me to keep going! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Check out all of those activity minutes and those vigorous minutes! Woot Woot! 

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