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Review of Daily Burn Day 45: Cardio Sculpt Cardio Ball

Day 45: Cardio Sculpt Cardio Ball

I actually started out my workout by doing Yoga Twist Flow, but it died 20 minutes in. I couldn't get it to come back. The same thing happened when I tried to do Cardio Sculpt Box 'n Burn. I was really bummed when Twist Flow died. It's my last Yoga workout from Daily Burn and I'm not sure I can wake up early enough to try it again later in the week. I think Friday is my last day with Daily Burn. I was really looking forward to finishing up this series! The 20 minutes that I did do were hard! I'll talk more about that when I try it again.

This workout was 43 minutes long. We used a medicine ball for the workout. She said that it should be between 2 and 6 pounds. All I had was my 8 pound ball, so I went with it. I might regret that decision tomorrow because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in AGONY! 

The workout started with a warm up and we even used the ball for it. The modifier used a towel during the warm up and a dumbbell during the workout. The workout started by holding the ball as we kept our feet in a wide stance and then leaned to the side while we tapped the other foot. We alternated with that. Then we did a Pendulum Swing. We held the ball and rocked side to side as we swung the ball down in front of us and up on the other side like a grandfather clock pendulum. Then we jogged while holding the ball. Then we held the ball up to our chests while we did jumping jacks with our legs. As we got further into it, we started raising the ball up over our heads and lowering it down. Then we did Side Squats. We stepped to one side and squatted down. Then we stepped to the other side and squatted down. We raised the ball up at some point too. Then we moved to Step Back Lunges. We lunged back, but kept the leg straight. We alternated legs. 

After we did the warm up, we moved on to the Challenge! It was Burpees again! I hate Burpees, but for some reason, these just didn't seem as horrible as most burpees. We didn't do the push ups and I didn't do the jump part. I guess I'm getting better at them since I hated them less. 

The workout consisted of 6 rounds with 6 moves each round. The moves lasted 30 seconds each and there was 15 seconds of rest after each move. After each round, there was a 60 second rest. 

Circuit 1 was the Med Ball Chop. We held the ball up towards one ear and then chopped it down to the opposite knee as we squatted down. The first four rounds of this circuit were all this same move. We alternated sides each for each round. After four rounds in each circuit, we got to "play" according to Anja. Her definition of play and mine are a bit different. The last two rounds of this circuit were Ball Touch. We had the ball in front of us on the floor. We shuffled to the side and squatted down to touch the ball. Then we shuffled to the other side and squatted down to touch the ball again. 

Circuit 2 was Alternating Lunges. These were forward lunges which I typically hate. They weren't that bad this time, but I didn't go very deep with them. While lunging, we took the ball and brought it down on the outside of the forward knee. We alternated during each round. For our "play" rounds, we did Soccer Drills. The ball was on the floor in front of us again. We picked up a foot and touched it to the top of the ball. We alternated with these as quickly as we could. They didn't actually touch the ball. 

Circuit 3 was Figure 8s. We stood with our feet wide and held the ball up by an ear and then brought it down by the opposite knee as we squatted down. It was like doing the Med Ball Chop, but then we brought it up and then chopped it down to the opposite side. We did this for four rounds. For the last two rounds, we passed the ball under a leg and made figure 8s around our legs. This was rather challenging. I did the first round with my 2 pound weighted ball. I did the second round with my 8 pound medicine ball, but I did them really slow. That 8 pound ball is pretty gigantic so it's hard to pass it under my leg. The "play" rounds were called Up and Over. We set the ball down in front of us. We hopped over the ball, but not really over the ball for safety reasons. We used the ball as a guide of how high to jump, but the ball was a bit forward.

Circuit 4 was Side Punch. This was a bit challenging. My lower back muscles were getting pretty sore by this point. We held the ball at chest level. We turned to the side as if we were going to throw a jab, but we pushed the ball out in front of us. Then we went to the other side and did the same. We did this for four rounds. The "play" round was called Field Goal Kicks. We had the ball on the floor in front of us. We kicked forward and then lunged that same leg back as we touched the ball. I was pretty amazed that I was able to kick forward and lunge back without falling on my butt or having to set my kicking foot down! Progress! We did a similar move in PiYo, but I had to touch my foot down to the ground! We did one side for the whole round and then did the other side.

Circuit 5 was Squat and Hook. We had the ball at our chests and then brought it down to one side as we squatted down. Then we stood up and hooked the ball to the opposite side. This was another challenging move. We did one side for the whole round. Then we did the other side. We did each side for two rounds. The "play" rounds were Touchdown Jacks. We had the ball down on the floor in front of us. We jumped our legs out like a jumping jack and then squatted down to touch the ball with our hands. Then we stood up and jumped our legs back in. I did this slowly because I don't do well with jumping jacks! 

Circuit 6 was High Knees. We did these while holding the ball. Then we did Fast Feet. We held the ball while doing these. It was that same football move with the feet coming up just slightly and you go as fast as you can. We did this while holding the ball. Then we did Side Center. We faced forward, but then twisted our legs to the right and then back center and then the left. It was hard with all the bouncing! 

Then we went into the cool down. We did normal stretching type stuff we even did some Down Dog! That made me want to do more yoga!

I liked the workout, but it was definitely challenging. I'm pretty sure my glutes are going to hurt like crazy tomorrow! My whole body will probably hurt. I'm not so sure that I should have done this with the 8 pound ball! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot. I thought that I would have had more activity minutes and more total vigorous minutes. Oh well. It was a good workout and I'm sure if I did it again, I'd get more minutes of activity. 

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