Monday, October 27, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Kettlebells Day 8

Day 8: Mobility Yoga

I'm back at Daily Burn Kettlebells! I was pretty bummed that Day 8 wasn't actually a kettlebell workout though. It was Mobility Yoga. This was a 50 minute program. It was done in three parts. The first part was the mobility exercises like we did in Full Mobility on Day 4, but it only lasted about 15 minutes so we didn't do all of the same moves. We did a lot of arm circles and leg saws. Nothing lasted too terribly long in this section so nothing got too tough.

The next section was standing yoga. This was done in the same format as the other Daily Burn workouts, There was a timer that ticked down how much time was left in the workout and a bar that filled up to let me know how much time was left in that specific move. None of the standing yoga moves was very difficult. This section lasted 10 minutes or so. We did stuff like side bends. I really can't remember many of the other standing moves.

The third and final section was yoga on the floor. We stuff like Frog, Dying Warrior, Table and Tripod. Table and Tripod were hard! My arm was shaking! I don't remember many of the other moves. 

This workout wasn't much of a workout, but it did give me some good stretches. It felt weird though due to the format. It wasn't the deep breathing quiet calm yoga like Yin Yoga from Day 5. I didn't really feel like it was helping with my flexibility like Yin Yoga did. 

This workout seems to be in each week, but I don't think I'll be doing it. For some reason, I can't find this workout on my Roku app. I had to play it on my laptop which made it a bit awkward. I had to keep moving my laptop around as we moved around for the different moves. I also hate listening to any sound coming out of my laptop. Tomorrow is 15 minute Mobility. Then I get back to lifting that kettlebell!

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my rather unimpressive screen shot, but it was yoga, so I wasn't expecting a calorie burn. 

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