Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Kettlebells Day 9

Day 9: 15 Minute Mobility

Day 9 of Daily Burn Kettlebells was 15 Minute Mobility. I feel like I'm doing more stuff without the kettlebells than I'm doing with the kettlebells. Tomorrow I get to pick up a bell again! Woot woot! Okay, so 15 Minute Mobility is very similar to the first part of yesterday's workout Mobility Yoga. It was a lot of circling of my body parts. We did neck circles, arm circles, wrist circles, elbow circles, hip circles, knee circles and ankle circles. It was rather boring. I'm sure that it's doing wonders for my body and some of my body parts got a bit sore during all of the circling, but it's just not very exciting and it also doesn't give me much of a calorie burn. I'm so excited that I get to play with my bells tomorrow! Two days of kettlebelling and then more mobility and yoga!

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my rather unimpressive screen shot. It was only 15 minutes though. I didn't even break a sweat. This wasn't supposed to be about sweating or burning calories though. It's about making me more mobile. 


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