Friday, April 7, 2017

Finally walking again

I've been so terrible since I broke my foot. Well to be honest, it's been since last summer. January was going to be my new beginning, but then I broke my foot. You can read all about my horrible experience at Urgent Care. I'm going to start posting more but it could take a bit for that to happen. In the mean time,  I wanted to give an update on my foot.

The first doctor said it wasn't broken. She told me not to walk on it for three days and then do whatever felt good. She suggested a follow up in one to two weeks. I pushed it out to the two weeks but then the weather was horrible so I extended it to three weeks. That's when I found out my foot was actually broken. They said to stay off of it for six weeks. They also wanted to do a CT scan. It took three weeks for that to get approved. I bought a knee scooter from Amazon. It was cheaper to buy versus rent it. The thing was a life saver. If you ever need one, splurge and get the basket.

Okay so CT showed five broken bones in my foot so I had to have a total of 8 weeks off the foot. At my 8 week checkup, they added two more weeks because my foot still hurt at my 8 week checkup. Going around on the scooter for 10 weeks was rough, but it would have been worse on crutches.

On April, 1st, I got to walk again! It was rather interesting trying to walk again. I had some balance issues and I had to walk on the heel of my foot so no weight was on the ball of my foot. It's now been a week. I've got some blisters and my heel is sore but I'm getting around pretty well.

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