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Review of Beachbody Les Mills Pump: Pump Revolution

Les Mills Pump Revolution

Today was Sunday which means it's strength training day! I love strength training day! I have to admit that I'm quite the slacker in the exercise department lately. I've come to skipping my workouts and sleeping in an extra 45 minutes each morning. It was a nice little experiment to see if it would actually help me lose weight. I had some initial success with that in the first week, but not so much in subsequent weeks. I don't know why it has to be so incredibly difficult for me to lose weight. I workout like crazy, but don't lose weight. I don't workout and then lose weight initially and then it stopped. I eat all "healthy" and don't lose weight. I go Low Carb High Fat and don't lose weight. It's incredibly frustrating! Enough rambling though and on to the workout. 

Over the last few Sundays, I've been doing Les Mills Pump. I'm not doing the whole program as laid out in the calendar. I just wanted to check out the workouts and finally get around to doing them. They fit in nicely with the Wild Movement plan that I was trying to follow. This is a discontinued program with Beachbody, but you can still buy it on eBay. The workouts are awesome. They make me hurt in a good way. I don't think I could have done this program straight through for the 90 days. The first workout made me hurt for like three days! The workout I did two weeks ago made me hurt for four days. I'm kinda of scared how long this one will make me hurt. it's the longest one of the program so far. I think I only have one more Pump workout. There are three other workouts, but they aren't the regular ones. Two of them are all about abs and the third is cardio I think. I'll get to them eventually.

The Workout

This workout was 57 minutes. It was longer than the rest. I knew a longer workout was coming, but I had hoped that it would wait until the last workout. I was running out of time to do a workout today and I wasn't really in the mood to do strength training. I wanted to sit on the couch and read. Sunday is my day off from work and hubby isn't home. I have control over the TV for the entire day! I could sit on the couch and do nothing, but nope! I have to do my editing job, workout, write a blog post about my workout, do food prep for the week, do the dishes, do my laundry and cook dinner. So much for a day off! Okay, I got up and did the workout though because I feel like a total slacker. I didn't get up for a walk any day this week and hubby's belly was off yesterday so we didn't go for a walk. That's a week without exercise. I do get some walking done at work though, and on Friday, I even helped pull a millwork order so there was lifting and walking involved. Wow, I'm really rambly today!

Track 1 

This was the warm up track. I used 5 pound weights for it. The track lasted just over 5 minutes. It was led by Les Mills Jr. We started off with Deadlifts. We mixed up the tempo a little bit. Then we did some Deadrows. I love deadlifts and deadrows! I'm not really sure, but I did. Then we did some Upright Rows. We mixed with the tempo too. I like Upright Rows! Then we moved to squats and mixed up the tempo a bit. I not a huge fan of squats, but they work! Then onto lunges! I hate lunges. The we did the Overhead Press. My shoulders are so week. The 5 pound weights were a bit heavy for a warm up. More deadlifts! More deadrows! Then we did Triple Deadrows. I really really like these. Ten we did some bicep curls. Then we did some Bicep Rows. This was a new one for me.

Track 2

This was all about the squat! I went up to the 10 pound weights for this one. I thought about keeping it on the 5s since I knew it was a longer workout, but I went big. We had the weights up over our shoulders. We did a narrowish stance and did a bunch of squats with different tempos. I'm so not a fan of the bottom halves! They are soooooo hard! This track was about 5 minute. It was a very long 5 minutes! You don't get much of a break during any of this track. She has you shake your legs out every so often, but it's intense! My legs were shaking by the time this track was over. I kept up the pace for most of it, but there were times I was a little bit slow. 

Track 3

This was the chest track. I went with the 5 pound weights for this and used my bench. I kind of regretted using the bench. The extra range of motion makes this crazy intense. This track was just under 5 minutes which was a crazy long time! We started off with chest presses and changed up the tempo. The bottom halves of these were soooooo hard. I had to skip a few reps in this. It was just way too much for my chest and triceps. The entire track was chest presses at different tempos.

Track 4

This track was all about the Back and Legs. This track was just over 5 minutes. We started off with Deadlifts at different tempos. Then we did the Clean and Press with a Deadrow. Then we did a wide grip Triple Row. We did three sets of that and had a break in between each set. I really like this track since I like all of the moves in it. I used the 10 pound weights for this one and really felt it in my back. I haven't been feeling these workouts in my back, but I've been doing this track with the 5 pound weights because my legs couldn't handle the 10s. This track ended with a bunch of Triple Rows. I really felt those by the end! 

Track 5

This track was for the Triceps. I used the five pound weights on the bar. I kind of regretted that! My triceps are so wimpy! So we started out doing what they call Tricep Extensions and what I've always known as Skull Crushers. This track was about four minutes. It was probably the longest four minutes of my life! After an eternity of Skull Crushers, we did chest presses, but the bar was done low on our chest so it was all about the triceps. We alternated between skull crushers and the chest presses for three rounds. We changed up the tempo. I had to take a few breaks. This was torture! I probably should have just used the baa! When there was a minute left, we got up and did tricep extensions up over our heads using a single plate. I used a five pound weight for this. It was crazy hard! 

Track 6

This track was about the biceps. I was so excited to get biceps! It was also cool that it was a Pink song that I really like. we did bicep curls for about three minutes straight. We changed the tempo up a few times. I have to admit that this track was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I had to take a few breaks in this one too! I'm not sure if my biceps were just getting more work during the back section than I thought or if my biceps are just getting wimpier!

Track 7 

Then we did another Leg track. I stuck with the 5 pound weights since this was the lunge section and I suck at lunges. We started with Squats with different tempos. They did a few different variations with thew weights on this one. The guys had the bar up over their shoulders. Two of the girls had a plate in each hand. The other two girls had one plate. Then we did lunges! I took a few breaks during the lunge section. This section wasn't as bad as the lunge section in the last workout though. THis was only about four minutes and we started and ended with squats so the lunge section was pretty short. It was still torture though even though we didn't do bottom halves! 

Track 8 

This track was all about the shoulders. My shoulders are sooooooooooooooo wimpy! This track lasted six minutes! How cruel is that! We started out with push ups which was even more cruel!I hate push ups! I did them all on my knees. My triceps were killing me. I wasn't very stretched out with these either. After a little over a minute, we got up and did rear delt raises with the plates. I used my 2 pound dumbbells for these because I'm such a wimp for shoulders! Then we got up and did side raises with our arms bent at the elbows. We did different tempos. Torture! It just kept getting worse too! We did Mac Raises. These are sooooooooooooooo hard! I can't really explain them either. Then we did upright raises with the barbell. I just used the barbell without any weights on this one. We did a few different tempos. Then we did should presses with a few different tempos. My shoulders were toast by this point. I had to skip a few reps and I was only using the bar! 

Track 9 

This track was all about the abs. This track was the last working track. It lasted just under 4 minutes. We used a single plate. The music was Cherry Pie which was just weird. So we did crunches with the plate up by hour heads. Then we put our feet  up in the air with the knees at a 90 degree angle. We had the weight at our stomach and then arced our arms back so the weight was behind our heads. Our legs stayed still at first and then we alternated touching a foot down to the floor as the weight weight back. Then we did both legs at the same time. Then we alternated the legs again but didn't touch them down. Then we added both legs straight out as the weight went back over our heads. Then we went through it all again. Then we rolled over for Hovers! I now them as a plank. I did them on my knees cuz I was being wimpy. So we rocked forward and then back and then held the plank. We did that series twice. 

Track 10

The final track was the cool down! We went through a series of stretches. It lasted just under 4 minutes. I'm not going to go over all the moves, I liked the cool down, but I didn't feel like we held any of the stretches long enough. I did some Downward Dog after I was done to try and get more of a stretch in my hamstrings and calves. I'm seriously scared about how bad I'm going to hurt tomorrow. I can't forget to roll tonight! 

Overall, I really enjoyed this workout. It was nice to get a bicep track. I've felt like biceps have been the forgotten muscle group during this program. I wasn't so thrilled with the tricep track since my triceps get plenty of action during the chest track, but it's good for me to do stuff I don't love doing! I do find some of the tracks a bit repetitive though. We spent a really long time just doing squats. The back and leg track seems to be pretty much the same moves in each of the workouts. I think I might get bored if I were to try the entire calendar. Fortunately for me, I don't have to find that out since I don't plan on doing the whole calendar. I like doing them once a week, but nore than that just isn't going to happen. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

You can tell when I was doing lunges and squats and when I was laying down by looking at the heart rate chart there. At first I thought that I had lost connection and it was being weird, but I'm pretty sure it was accurate and didn't lose connection on there which is the first time in a long time I haven't lost the connection! Check out that calorie burn!


Want to learn more? Watch the video!

You can't buy this from Beachbody anymore, but you can still buy it from ebay so if you want to learn more about it, just check out the video that still exists even though you can't buy it. 

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