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Review of Beachbody Les Mills Pump: Flow

Les Mills Pump: Flow

A few weeks ago, I tarted doing Les Mills Pump on Sundays for my strength training aspect of Wild Movement. I've done the first three workouts so far. They are Pump Challenge, Pump and Burn and Pump and Shred. These workouts are pretty intense. The one from last week, Pump and Shred, made my legs hurt for four days. I kid you not. Keep in mind, I skipped rolling that night, but even then, I would have still hurt for at least two days and probably three. I was looking forward to doing the fourth workout in the program today, but I wasn't looking forward to being in pain for four days. I'm getting braces put on my teeth tomorrow. Yup, I'm 40 years old and I'm getting braces. I'm pretty sure the first week is going to be hard enough fro me without having crazy DOMS, so I went with Yoga today! Les Mill Pump is a weight lifting program, but it does come with a Yoga workout and also a Cardio workout. I went for Yoga today! It's been awhile since I've done Yoga so I was pretty happy to get to do it today! 

Oh I forgot to mention that Les Mills Pump has been discontinued by Beachbody. You can still find it on eBay though. It's a great program. It causes me crazy pain, but that's a good thing right? No pain, no gain. That's what they say at least. Although, I don't want to gain. I want to lose! I want to lost a lot!

The Workout

This workout is just under 20 minutes. That's a pretty decent length of time with the right poses. I did find it to be a bit short for this one though. It mixed some strength poses in with some stretching poses. I would have preferred a longer stretching segment at the end and a shorter strength. This is supposed to be an active recovery workout. The more stretching the better in my opinion. There were four tracks in this one. You can play it with subtitles or without and you can play it with the music pumped up or not. I chose no subtitles and no pumped music. I wanted to be able to hear the instructors since it was my first time doing this workout. 

Track 1 

This one was led by Corey. I haven't seen him in the other workouts yet, but I've only done three. The first track was Vinyasa type yoga. It was also the only section that really had a Flow. The segment was actually called Flow too. Imagine that. So we started with Mountain Pose, and then went into a Forward Fold. Then we did Runner's Pose. Then we went into Downward Dog. Then back to Runner's Pose. Then we went back to Forward Fold and back to Mountain. This segment was about 5-1/2 minutes and we pretty much went through this series a few times with some changes. We added some Crocodile, some Plank, some Cobra and some Upward Dog in there. We went a bit fast through this and I wasn't really sure what we were doing without watching them. It wasn't really all I had hoped for and more, but it was my first time doing it, so I'm sure I could do better if I did it again. 

Track 2 

We started out with Crescent Pose. This segment was about 4 minutes. We held the Crescent Pose on one side for what felt like forever! We did a few different things with our arms, but by the end of this pose, my leg was killing me! We switched sides and did it again and held it again for what seemed like an eternity. It was really less than a minute, but it felt like forever. I had to take a couple breaks on the second leg. Then we did Warrior 2 for what seemed like a year. Then we moved to Extended Warrior. The modifier stayed there and then others put their hand down on the floor. I think that turns it into Right Angle. Then we went into Eagle. I'm not sure how it got that name, but I don't get most of these. Then we switched sides and did it again. I had to take more breaks on this side. This was also led by Corey.

Track 3

We switched instructors for the third track. Jackie took over. We go ton the floor for this one. This track lasted just over 4 minutes. We did a modified Lotus. I've never done Lotus before or at least I didn't know I was doing it. I really felt this one. It felt great! We stretched our arms out in front of us and then stretched them up. Then we switched sides and repeated what we had just done. Then we did Swan Pose. This was another new one for me. I'm also not sure which part was Swan because she moved us into what I thought was Pigeon quite quickly. I love Pigeon. It makes me feel soooooo stretched out when I'm done! I love love love it! Then we switched sides. 

Track 4

This was also led by Jackie. It lasted just under 5 minutes. This was all about Spinal Twist. We did these seated though. I was surprised we never got down on our backs. We crossed the foot over one knee and then pulled the knee in as we twisted around. She did an advanced move where you picked up your foot while you did the twist. I really liked that part. Then we switched side. Then we did Cobbler's Pose. I like this one. Then we did a forward bend with our legs out in front of us. Our knees were bent a little bit. Then we straightened out the legs with the bend. Then we kept one hand up by our feet and stretched the other back and twisted the upper body. Then we did the other side. Then we went back into a forward fold with our legs straight out in front of us. Then we were done.

I really liked the last two segments, but I wish they had been longer. I felt stretched out after I was done, but not as stretched out as I would have liked. Part of it was because it was my first time doing it so I had to pay attention to watching them, but part of it was because we just missed out on some really good stretches. It was a good workout, but just not long enough for my taste.

I don't have a Polar M400 screen shot for this because the watch isn't in the mood to sync with my phone and I'm not in the mood to figure out why. I still have food prep and dinner to deal with. 

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

You can't buy this from Beachbody anymore, but you can still buy it from ebay so if you want to learn more about it, just check out the video that still exists even though you can't buy it. 

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