Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review of Beachbody Hammer and Chisel: ISO Speed Hammer

I started Hammer and Chisel back in December when it first came out, but then I got sick and never went back to it. I'm pretty sure it's my first failed Beachbody experience. I didn't go back to it because I just wasn't in love with it. I'm not a huge fan of total body workouts and this was a total body workout every day. I also wasn't very good at a lot of the moves. There was a lot of balancing stuff in it and I have horrible balance. With all of that said, why am I writing a review of ISO Speed Hammer again? I did the workout back on December 19, 2015 when I did it for the first time. Well, part of the Wild Movement is doing strength training and he suggests total body workouts. That means, I'll be doing some Total Body workouts! Oh joy. Last week, I did Slim in 6 Start it Up. I had planned on doing the second one in the series this week, but hubby actually was willing to go for a walk on Monday so we dd that. I woke up late this morning and he wasn't interested in going for a walk because he didn't want to feel rushed. That left me with either going for a short walk alone, doing strength training, doing nothing or doing the 7 Minute HIIT from The Wild Diet book. I chose to do strength training because I wasn't in the mood for jumping jacks and more importantly, I wasn't in the mood for the coughing that comes with the jumping jacks. I couldn't do the second Slim in 6 workout because I didn't have enough time. That left me with picking something from Hammer and Chisel. I picked ISO Speed Hammer because it was under 30 minutes!

You can see a list of all the moves on my first post about this workout. I didn't read the post before doing the workout and I couldn't remember anything about it. There were 10 moves. We did the first move slow for 10 reps and then fast for 10 reps. Then we moved to the next one. It was nice not having to repeat any moves. I didn't realize it was going to be like that though. I dreaded going back to the lunges again. At some point, I realized we weren't going to repeat the moves and I was much happier. This workout would have gone better today if I hadn't been in such a crappy mood when I started it. I hate waking up late and I really just wanted to go for a nice easy walk. I wasn't in the mood for squats and lunges.I did it though. I wasn't able to do some of the moves as fast as they did. I should have paused the workout and did all of the reps, but I didn't. I just did them until they finished them. I wasn't even counting because my mind was just not into it. 

Once I was done with the workout, I was in a better mood. That hasn't happened before. I was happy that I had done it, but I didn't feel like I had done a total body workout. My hamstrings kind of felt it, but the rest of me didn't really feel like I had worked out. When I was doing each move, the fast reps were challenging and I really felt the last few reps, but overall, I didn't feel too terribly worked over. It was under 30 minutes though so that could be part of it. We only did about one move per body part other than legs. We did deadlifts, lunges and two types of squats. I didn't use weights during the Pistol Squats. Instead, I put my hand on the wall to work on my balance. I just tried to do deeper squats without the weights. My form was still horrible though. 

I'm not sure what else to say. I'll write more about my Wild Movement in another post. I'm less inspired to write when I'm not losing weight. I feel like such a failure with this weight loss stuff. After the drop of 7 pounds the first week, I had high hope for this plan, but my second week showed no losses and my third week has me actually gaining weight. I'm doing well with my nutrition in terms of being low carb, but I am eating more cheese than I probably should be eating. I'm sleeping like crap though due to stress. Maybe I should start up another Beachbody program, but I can't really do that if I'm going to be walking with hubby. ugh I hate decisions.

Okay so I wrote this post like two weeks ago and never actually posted it. I'm such a dork. I'm sure I had plans of putting more stuff in here, but for now this is all you get since it's been too long for me to pick up where i left off on here. 


  1. Hello, I had high hopes for this exercise program, until my glutes screamed in agony and sitting resulted in wailing and gnashing of teeth. Did you find the schedule, and the workouts themselves a bit unbalanced? i.e. more focus on the lower body, while neglecting the upper? Thank you.

    1. I didn't really notice more focus on the lower body than the upper body, but I didn't get very far into the program either. I'm planning on starting up with them again soon. I'm hoping to motivate myself to do H&C every other day and C25K on the opposite days.