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Review of Beachbody Slim in 6: Start it Up!

I'm trying out The Wild Diet by Abel James and part of that is actually exercising less than I have been doing. That means that I won't be able to go through full Beachbody programs like I've been doing. I'm supposed to do strength training once a week, a HIIT workout once a week and walk as much as I can. Yesterday was a strength training day for me. I was going to do something from Les Mills Pump, but that's not available On Demand and I stole my HDMI cable from the workout room so I could put it in the front room. Oopsy. I had to find something On Demand to do. I wanted a total body workout because that's what he suggests doing for the strength training workout. I wasn't quite in the mood to do anything in Hammer & Chisel. I picked Slim in 6 Start it Up!

This one was with a trainer that I had never experienced before. There are three people in the workout including the trainer. There was a small resistance band segment, but if you don't have a band, you can use weights. This had an 80s vibe to it without the 80s clothes! It wasn't a bad workout, but I don't think I could do it for two weeks straight like they say to do on the calendar. It's a great beginner workout. I was able to get through the whole thing without any issues, but it would be more challenging for someone just starting out. My glutes are sore today, but nothing else seems sore. While doing it, I never got to the point of failure with any of the moves. I wasn't as fast as they were with some of them like the lunges, but I kept up with most of them. They used a mat during one

The Workout

Warm Up

The workout is 34 minutes. It starts with a four minute warm up with your typical deep breathing with squats and your arms going up over your head. Then we did some reaching up and over as we tapped the opposite toe. Then we sort of punched forward across the body with the toe tap. Then we did some side steps or as she calls them step touch. Then we added arms with that. We reached them forward and pulled them back. Then we did knee lifts as our arms with up and down. Then we kicked front and did some arm movement that involved the arms being up at shoulder height. The hands were in towards the chest and then went out to the side and back in again. Then we did some half squats with the same arm movement. Back to the step touch while doing chest flys. Then we did hamstring curls with doing bicep curls. Then we did the whole thing over again minus the deep breathing with the squats. 

Plie Segment

We did Sumo Squats. When we were up, our arms were up over our head. As we came down our arms came out to the side but stopped at shoulder height. We did them slow at first and then did them faster. Then we slowed down and changed the arms so they went out front and then we pulled them back. Then we did them fast. 

Our "break" was doing toe touches. We stood with our feet about shoulder width apart. Our arms were up and out at our sides at shoulder height. We picked up one foot and brought it up as we brought the opposite hand to it. 

Then it was back to Sumo Squats. This time our arms were up at shoulder height again. The hands came in to the chest and then out again. We did fast and then slow. We did them slow again and changed the arms so it was working the triceps in a similar motion. Then we did them fast. 

Then we had our "break" of toe touches again. Then some marching.

Waist Segment

We did alternating reaches up over our head. Then we alternated punches across the body. She called it reaching, but it was basically punching. Then we Planted our feet and put our arms up at shoulder height out to the side again. We did an airplane move so we bent to the side at the waist and brought one hand down toward the knee. We kept our arms straight. Then we did more punching across the body. Most step touch! 

Lunge Segment

We did reverse lunges first. We alternated them. We did 16 on each side. As we lunged back, we brought our hands up straight out in front of us. She showed a way to modify it to make it easier. I was able to keep up with these for the most part. Then we took a "break" and did knee lifts while doing shoulder presses without weights. Then we did alternating front lunges. We did 16 on each side. I was kind of excited to do these because I wanted to see if I could do them without doing my stutter step like I did with 10 Minute Trainer towards the end. I was able to do about half of them without doing the stutter step. I should be happy with hat, but I felt terrible about it while I was doing it. I guess the band did more than I thought it did. We did some front kicks while doing a move with our arms. Then we marched it out a couple seconds.

Midsection Segment

We started out by "punching" across our body while tapping the opposite foot down. Then we reached up and over while we tapped the same foot down. Oh Side Crunches were next. I hate these. So we were standing up and did a knee left to the side and brought our elbow down to the knee. My More up and over before we did the other side leg crunches. My balance is better now so these weren't as bad as they once were. More cross the body "punches" with the foot tapping. More step touch.

Squat Segment

We did a medium stance squat and had our hands up straight out in front of us. We did 16 of these. I went down as far as I could and I think it worked because my butt was sore the next day! We held the last one. Then we did some more leg kicking with that arm thing again. Then we did a narrow squat for 16 reps. Our feet and knees were supposed to be together. My feet didn't quite make it together because they just don't make it together, but my knees were. We raised our arms out in front as we came down into the squat. We held the last one. Then we did alternating knee lifts with shoulder presses. Then we did a wide squat with our toes facing forward. This was a knew one for me. We did a different arm thing with these. I can't really describe it, but we did 16 reps. More marching out! Then we did Toy Soldiers. Our arms were straight out to the side at shoulder height. We alternating kicking our legs straight up in front and brought the opposite hand in to meet the toe. My hand didn't quite make it to my toes, but I got my leg up farther than I thought I could. Go me. 

Short water break.

Resistance Band Segment

One of the people used weights. She said to do as many as you could with the band and then switch to the weights if you couldn't keep going with the band. The first move was a double row. The band was under our feet. We crossed the band in front of us. We squatted down a little bit and then pulled the bands up and back. We did 16 of these. I liked these. We held it on the last one. Alternating bicep curls were next. The band was still under both feet. We did 16 of these. I barely even felt these. I might use weights if I do these again just to get more out of it. Then we did alternating shoulder presses. We were in a bit of a lunge position and the band was under the front foot. Then we did alternating shoulder presses. She said not to do a full extension. We only did 8 on each side. Then we did a one arm tricep extension. We stepped both feet on the band near one handle. The other handle was in one arm. We reached it up over our head. We were supposed to hold our tricep with the other arm and then the one with the handle cam down behind our heads and then up. We sort of squatted down as our arm went down and then stood up as the arm came up. My neck didn't like this even after I dipped my chin down like she suggested. It didn't fry out my tricep, but it was just an awkward position so I didn't like it very much. We held the last one on each side.

Floor Segment

We started with push ups. She did them on her knees. We only did 10 reps. We did a little Child's Pose for a stretch and then a little Upward Dog type move for more of a stretch. Then we did reverse crunches. We did 16 of these. Then we did oblique crunches. We alternated them. We had our knees bent and feet on the floor. We crunched up and led with one shoulder to the opposite knee. We did 16 on each side. Then we did regular crunches for two counts up and two down. We only did 8 of these. Then we did 8 fast. We held the last one. Then we dd pelvic tilts. We did 16 of these. We held the last one. Then we did 8 tight little squeezes and held the last one. 

Stretch Segment

The cooldown/stretch section lasted 6 minutes. I'm not going to do a play by play of the stretching though. It was pretty standard stuff and hit all the body parts.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots from my Polar M400 Heart rate monitor. You can really see when I got down on the floor for those crunches. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video....

If you'd like to learn more about Slim in 6, check out the video. I've only done one workout, so I can't tell you much, but you can learn more with the video! If you decide to buy the program, make sure that you buy it from a coach so you get the free workout. If you don't have a coach, you can get it from me. I won't hound you to buy more stuff, I promise. Slim in 6 is part of Beachbody On Demand in the Member Library. You can get a one month free trial which would give enough time to do two-thirds of the program. You can cancel at anytime, so there's no risk!

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