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Review of Beachbody Hammer & Chisel Day 6: Chisel Endurance

Day 6: Chisel Endurance

Today was Day 6 of Hammer and Chisel. It was my first time doing Chisel Endurance. I had the exercise list, but I wasn't really sure what to expect from this one. I knew we were back to the 60 second format though since that's what it showed on the worksheet. This one was about 35 minutes and it was INTENSE! It was broken up into two rounds. Each round was the same set of exercises. We did each exercise for 60 seconds and had a short break in between while she explained the next exercise. There is a modifier, but it's just to show you how to do things if you don't have all of the equipment. There isn't a modifier to make it easier. If you need it to be easier, you'll have to figure that part out on your own. You can get some ideas from what I've done. 

The Exercises

Bench Run Ups

We were supposed to "run" up onto the bench. So you go up with the right foot and then the left and then down with the right and down with the left. If you don't have a bench, she suggested doing Surrenders. You can read about my original thoughts on Surrenders the first time I did them back in my 21 Day Fix round a year ago. We did them again in 21 Day Fix Extreme: Fix Challenge, but we didn't use weights this time. We didn't use weights for the Surrenders in Chisel Endurance either. She did say that you could make it harder by using weights. I did the Surrenders for the first round so that was 2 full minutes of surrenders because we had to do both legs. I was pretty much fried after that. When the second round came around, I decided to pull up my aerobic step and use that. I did run ups fast on the step. I need it to be a little higher to make it more challenging, but I'm not ready to do it on the bench yet. It was still challenging on the step.

Negative Pull Ups

I did these on my belly on the floor this time. I put the door attachment under the lowest hinge. That's how Sagi had us do them in Body Beast Total Body. I like them better this way. They seem to work my lats more than if I do them on my knees or up in a lunge position. I used my purple stretchy band again for these. I felt these pretty much all over my entire upper body today! 

Step Up Cross Over

These were rather interesting. So you've got one foot up on the bench. You take your other foot and cross it behind the foot on the bench, but this foot is on the floor. You end up in what feels like a curtsy lunge, but you've got one foot up on the bench. Then you pull yourself back up so you're standing on the bench. While you're doing that, you left your foot up and do a hamstring curl type thing because you're supposed to pretend your picking your foot up over something behind you. You land with your foot out to the opposite side. Then you go back to the other side. I did the first set on the floor following the modifier. It was a little weird and awkward. It wasn't too terribly hard, so I used the step for the second round. That really made a difference. I can't imagine what it would be like doing that off the bench! OMG!

Decline Push Ups

I can't do a regular push up, so you know there's no way I can do decline push ups. I put my thighs on the bench instead of my toes. My arms were still shaking by the time I was done! Crazy crazy hard!

One Hand Row with Leg Extension

I love rows. I love pretty much anything that involves biceps and back. I have strong biceps and a strong back. These weren't quite so enjoyable though because we had to hold a contorted position. So one hand was on the bench and the opposite foot was on the floor. The leg was stretched back and held straight out during the entire minute. I couldn't seem to keep it held up, but I did keep it off the ground. This was challenging!

Incline Press

We did chest presses with the bench at a 45 degree angle. I did pretty good for the first round. For the second round, my arms were shaking and I wasn't sure if I would get through the full minute, but I did it. 

Plank Hold Knee Taps

I wasn't really sure what these were going to be, but I knew they would be hard. We held an elbow plank and then alternated tapping a knee down. I got through the first round without taking any breaks, but I did them super slow and paused a little too long with my knee on the floor. The second round required breaks, but I did the taps a lot faster, so it wasn't really a rest like it was in the first round. I don't think I survived the full minute either. 

When I was done with this workout, I was fried! It felt good. I had to modify, but I didn't have to modify so much that I sacrificed on the workout. Before the workout, I did a few pistol squats while holding onto the wall and a few while holding on to the upright bar on my bench. I think I'm going to use one of those to modify the pistol squats in future workouts instead of using the toe tap method. I just don't get deep enough with those. Maybe by making that change, I'll feel more beat after the workouts!

The Worksheet

My handwriting is atrocious. Sorry! I lost count of the reps in the second round of those Step Up Cross Over things. Oops.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

The workout really is only about 35 minutes, but I forgot to stop the watch. Yesterday, I forgot to turn it on and today I forgot to stop it. Oopsy. My heart rate had several big dips in it which make no sense, but whatever. I'm still having issues with losing the connection. I think I might have to tighten it up again.

Want to Learn More? Watch the video!

Here's a video so you can learn more about the workouts. Be sure to buy from a Team Beachbody Coach so you can get the free workout! If you don't have a coach, you can sign up with me as your coach. 

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