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Beachbody Body Beast Day 62: Beast Total Body

Day 62: Beast Total Body

Day 62 is actually a Rest Day for Body Beast Lean Program, but we have a hike planned for Sunday and it's my last day to hang with the hubby before he's gone for three days, so I moved my rest day to Sunday and did the Sunday workout on Saturday. I wasn't sure if I should do that though because shoulders was Friday and I knew that there were shoulder presses in this workout, but there are also chest presses in this and chest day is Monday, so if I did this on Sunday, I would be doing some chest stuff two days in a row. I decided to go for it so I could have my rest day with hubby. 

This workout was a lot different than the rest. The others are straight up old school lifting, but with some new school sets like Force Sets and Progressive Sets. This one is straight up Circuit Training. There's little rest between the different moves in the circuit. I do a lot of these moves a bit slower than they do and with the short rest periods, it made it hard to keep up. I ended up pausing this one a few times too. It makes me feel like a failure when I have to pause, but this workout is set up as a set number of reps and not do as many as you can in a certain time frame, so I have to do all the reps! 

I did my first set up pull ups with the band up high on the door just like in the back workouts, but then I fixed it to the lower part of the door for the second round since that's how they had it for the workout. I kinda like it with them down low and me on my belly like that. I might keep it down there or I might just go buy another one so I can have a high one and a low one. Now I'm rambling. 

There wasn't anything too terribly sucky in this workout. Overall, I enjoyed the circuits, but I was just too slow. The plank thing at the end was pretty hard. I can handle an elbow plank, but this hip drop thing going on with these was just hard. 

This was the last new workout for the remainder of the program. It's only in the Lean Program once more before this round is done. This workout was the last workout of week nine! Only three weeks left of this round of Body Beast! For the last few weeks, I've been talking about how this program has been dragging and dragging and how I'm so ready for it to be over, so why am I now talking about "this round" of Body Beast? It makes it sound like I plan on doing another round. Well, I do! I read someone else's experience with Body Beast on the Lean Program and she seemed to be about where I was mentally with the program. She followed the nutrition plan which I have not followed though. After reading her post, I went back to the calendar and looked at the differences between the Lean Program and the Beast Program. I think I would have enjoyed it better had I done the Beast Program. There are a few reasons for this. One of which is that there are less of the Beast Cardio workouts which is one of the workouts that I'm just not a fan of. The other thing is what happens during the second phase. So the second phase of the Lean Program is five weeks long. Each week is the same schedule, but in the Beast Program, the middle phase is six weeks and the weeks are not the same. I think that will help mix things up so it doesn't seem like it lasts so bloody long. Even if I redo it and d the Beast Phase and love it, it will be hard to know if it was the schedule that made me love it or just the lack of drama. This round has been filled with me getting sick, me hurting my wrist, a family issue to deal with and me hurting my back. When I do it again, I'll probably buy the upgraded DVDs too and I'll have the free workout as well. That should really help with the monotony of things! 

The Worksheet 

Here's the worksheet. I've got a lot of notes on this one! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here's the screen shot. I think I got more total activity minutes for this workout than I did with the Beast Cardio workout, but this one was longer and had no vigorous minutes. 

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