Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Easy Hike to Benham Falls (Again)

We went back to Benham Falls!

We've been to Benham Falls before. We weren't too terribly impressed with the experience. It was a nice little walk, but we were expecting an actual water. You can read about it on my first post about Benham Falls. We were talking about Benham Falls during my lunch break at work on Friday. The guys insisted that it was an actual waterfall with like an 80 foot drop. They talked about people going over in a kayak and dying. I told them they were crazy about it being a waterfall, but agreed that people who went through it with a kayak and not enough experience could die. Hubby and I had planned on going to Steelhead Falls near Terrebonne, but we decided to go back to Benham Falls and take pictures to show the guys that they were nuts. The above picture is my picture to prove they were nuts. As you can see, it's not really a waterfall. It's a set of rapids. There is a decline, but it's not like there's a steep drop off that water falls over.  

The trailhead is a half mile from the overlook. It's a nice flat hike to the overlook. There's actually another parking lot right near the overlook. I'm not really sure why the trailhead is half a mile away, but there's a parking lot right there. I'm not sure how you get to the parking lot near the overlook, but the trailhead is down the Lava Butte exit off of HWY 97 south of Bend. 

Once we got to the overlook and got the proof that we needed, we decided to keep walking down the trail. It was 1.5 miles to some Slough Camp and we figured it would be a nice turn around point. We hadn't been down that part before. To be honest, the last time we went we didn't even go all the way to the overlook. It was hot and humid last year and we could tell that it wasn't going to be an actual waterfall so we bailed early. We didn't realize there was an actual overlook for them. Anyway, I'm rambling. 

Okay so when you go beyond the overlook, you end up going downhill for a little bit which means you need to come back uphill to get out. I'm not a fan of the uphill, but I handled it pretty well. It's not really steep or for very long, but I'm 270 pounds. Any uphill can be a challenge. 

We're not sure that we made it to the Slough Camp, but we had a dinner date that we needed to get to, so we decided to end our little trip at what we thought could have been the Slough Camp. There was a slough according to hubby. We sat on a log and listened to a bunch of different birds. There were so many different bird calls and it was pretty wild. We couldn't hear traffic and there were very few people on the trail out that far. We just sat and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere for about 15 minutes before making the trek back. 

Walkmeter Screen Shot

I used three different apps on the trail. MapMyHike didn't save. I'm so sick of that app not saving! Runtastic saved, but I couldn't access the online version of it so I just used the Walkmeter screen shots off the phone. I'm not sure how I feel about this app yet. The ads are fairly annoying, but you can get rid of those if you go with the paid version of the app. All three apps had different distances. MapMyHike was just above 5 miles. This one was like 4-1/2 and Runtastic was just over 4 (or vice versa. I can't remember). Runtastic had a 410 foot elevation change, but this looks like it's about 100. It felt like about 100. It definitely did not feel like 410. I have an iPhone 6 Plus. I should feel confident in my distances and elevations, but the apps don't seem to agree with each other even though they all use the same GPS signal from my phone. This was an ongoing struggle for me last year, but I thought it was because I had an older phone. I have one of the newest phones on the market! I looked at getting a GPS unit, but I've been told that the technology in the iPhone 6 Plus is the same GPS technology in modern GPS units so why have an extra device, but it's really annoying when I can't trust how many miles I've done or my elevation change. I need to know what I've done successfully so I can find other hikes that will fit my skill set. 

Anyway, here are the screen shots. You can see a variety of things here. The calories burned is an interesting one. This was the lowest one by far between the three apps. MapMyHike showed something like 1500 and Runtastic showed like 2200. I have no idea where they come up with the math on these, but there's no way that I burned 1500 or 2200. I doubt I even burned 700. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot 

I didn't use the workout tab for the walk because I didn't want to totally drain my battery. I did wear my BodyMedia device though so I was able to pull a screen shot off the website that shows the calories burned per minute. This one makes me think that Walkmeter's calorie burn might be pretty accurate. The top part is for the whole day, but just below that, you can see that the calories burned for what's on the screen is 834. I have it zoomed out just a smidge, so if I pulled it in a little on each side, it would be pretty close to what Walkmeter has. 

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