Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 63: Rest Day!

Day 63: Rest Day!

Day 63 of Body Beast Lean Program is supposed to be Beast Total Body, but I did that one on day 62 so I could have my rest day on Sunday so I could go hiking with my hubby! We decided to go to Benham Falls. We actually went for about 4.5 miles instead of the 1 mile hike we had in mind. Our hikes usually end up longer than we expect. You can read about the hike on my Benham Falls post. 

Day 63 was the last day of Week 9! There are only three weeks left to go! I can't wait until I'm done. I'm ready to get into a more intense cardio program. I'm glad I did Body Beast and I think I'm putting on some muscle which will help burn fat, but right now, I'm gaining weight instead of losing it. Yes, I know that it's mainly because I'm not really worrying about what I'm eating, but I don't think I should have gained as much as I have in the time that I've gained it even though I'm eating crap. I ate like crap before I started working out, but I wasn't gaining 10 pounds a month! I keep telling myself that my pants still fit. Yeah they are a little more snug than they were 2 months ago, but they still fit so a lot of that weight gain has to be muscle right? I'm seeing some more definition in my shoulders. It's hard though because I was so close to so many milestones and I was so excited to reach them all and now I'm so far away from all of them! If it's muscle though, it's okay. It will help me burn the fat! Three more weeks! I've just got to get through three more weeks and then I'll do 21 Day Fix Extreme. I'm not sure that I'll do the Extreme part of the eating plan. I'll probably just do the regular 21 Day Fix eating plan because I need my cheats. It's only 21 days so I should be able to handle no cheating, but life is still a little too stressful for me to put that much pressure on myself. Maybe by the time Body Beast is done, life will have settled out and I'll be able to do the no cheats. Something to think about! Now I'm really just rambling so I'm going to wrap this up!  My shoulders were a bit sore after the hike, but I'm not sure if that was from the Total Body workout the day prior or if something funky happened on the hike.

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