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Review of 21 Day Fix Extreme Bonus Workout: The Fix Challenge

Bonus Workout: The Fix Challenge

I finished up 21 Day Fix Extreme yesterday. Woot woot! However, I hadn't done the free workout yet. I also hadn't done the 10 minute ab workout. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do them on the same day because I didn't know what to expect from either workout, but I was going to give it a try. I got into the workout room early! Shocking, I know! I was in for a bigger surprise though. This workout was cray cray! So the weirdest thing happened (and I'm talking weirder than me getting into the workout room early). Moments before the workout starts, I have this thought about doing Surrenders from the original 21 Day Fix. Surrenders are HARD and they are the firs move you ever do in 21 Day Fix. I'm sure there are people who give up on the workout just because the first move is surrenders. So while I'm going through this in my head, she's doing her intro for the workout and then.......Wait for it...........Then she says we're going to do Surrenders! OMG why????????? Oh yeah, I know why. Because they are really great for your legs.That's why, but seriously they suck! 

Okay I'm over it now. So the format of the workout is completely different than anything we've done in either the original 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme. There are 13 moves. You do first one for four reps and then learn the second one and do it for four reps. You then go back to the beginning and do the first and second moves for 4 reps and learn the third and do it for four reps. You keep adding a new move for four reps and then start from the beginning until you know all 13 moves. While you're doing the 13th move, you realize there is way too much time left on the clock and ten you find out that you have to do them all over again for Round 2. At the end of Round 2 you realize that there's still way too much time left on the clock and then you learn that you get to do them all over again for Round 3! After Round 3, you get to cool down. These are all body weight exercises. There are no weights or resistance bands in this one.

Here are the moves in The Fix Challenge!


You're standing facing the screen. You drop your right knee to the floor and then your left knee so now you're kneeling facing the screen. Then you come up onto your right foot and then your left, so now you're standing facing the screen again. So you go down twice on the right first and up on the right first and then down on the left twice and up on the left twice. That's a lot of surrenders over the course of the workout! I hope I can walk tomorrow.


You're standing facing the screen. You roll down so your hands are down by your toes. You walk your hands out so now you're in plank. Then you walk yourself back and roll up. On the fourth one, you stay down because the next move is down here too.

Down & Ups

You're in push up position. You go down onto your right elbow and then your left so you're not in elbow plank. Then you go up on your right and up on your left so you're back in push up position. You do two on the right and two on the left. I did the first batch on my toes, but I was super slow. I did the rest on my knees.

Hip Drops

You're in Push Up position and you take your right hip down to the floor. You twist your body a bit instead of just dropping the hip straight down. I did these on my toes for the first set, but on my knees after that. 

Side Arm Balance

You alternate doing side planks. I did these on my toes. Although, I did fall to a knee once.

Push Ups

These are pretty self explanatory. I did these on my knees.

Knee Tucks

I'm not sure if I'm calling this the right thing, but it will due for now. So you're in push up position again. You bring your knee to the opposite elbow. I did these on my toes. With only four reps per move, it's not that bad. I'm not very good at these when I have to do a bunch.

Let Lifts

You're back in Push Up position and you pick up your right foot straight up behind you. Then you lower it and do the left. You do each foot twice.I did these on my toes since it was only four at a time. If there had been more, I probably would have needed to go down to my knees.

Half Burpees

She calls them half burpees because we didn't do a push up. There are no rests in this workout. I was doing okay keeping up until we got to the burpees. I just can't do them as fast as they can. I kept up with the Surrenders which surprised me, but not so much with the burpees.

Jump Lunges

There were the standard alternating jump lunges where you have your right leg back an then you jump up and magically your left leg is back. I just stepped back into the lunges. I don't do jump lunges. My knees do not like them.

Narrow to Wide Jump Squats

We were in a Narrow Squat and then jumped to a wide squat and then back to narrow. We did four narrow and four wide. I had to pause during these too.

Curtsy Lunges

We alternated these. We didn't do any jumping thankfully. We did two to the right and two to the left. I kinda like Curtsy Lunges. I wasn't a fan of them during PiYo, but we did soooooo many in certain sections plus we added some moon arms and my balance was pretty bad. 


We each jump counted as one rep, so it was jump right, jump left, jump right and jump left. I used to hate these, but I kinda like the now.

Overall Thoughts

This workout was quite challenging.. I did okay until we got to the burpees, but then I had to pause a lot. I ended up running out of time to do the 10 minute ab workout because I took too many breaks. I hope that I can walk tomorrow. There were a lot of surrenders! 

I forgot to start my heart rate monitor. I'm pretty bummed. I barely got credit for any of that activity because of that and now I don't have a pretty screen shot to post on here. :( Not happy with myself.

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

If you decide you want to try the program out, be sure to buy it from a coach so you get the free DVD that you can't get through other sources. If you don't have a coach, you can sign up with me. This is the free DVD that you only get if you buy the program from a coach. A lot of the free workouts are kinda of pointless, but this is an awesome one, so make sure you buy it from a coach, If you click the video. 


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