Monday, November 9, 2015

Review of 21 Day Fix Extreme Day 8: Plyo Fix Extreme

Day 8: Plyo Fix Extreme

Today was day 8 of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I survived the first week and decided to give it a second week. Actually, hubby decided for me. I wasn't sure if we were going to ride our bikes this week or not. I asked him before bed if I was riding or doing 21 Day Fix and he said 21 Day Fix so that's what I did. 

It's hard enough to get out of bed on a Monday, but when you know that Plyo Fix Extreme is waiting for you, it's even harder! We bought an electric blanket this weekend, so I was all nice and toasty warm in bed! I knew that I was going to get cold if I hopped out of bed. I also knew that I was going to hurt if I did Plyo Fix Extreme, but I got out of bed and I did Plyo Fix Extreme, and I survived! 

I remember last week thinking that it was much easier to get through than I had imagined. I think part of that was the newness of the workout and partly because I feared what was to come so I didn't go as deep into the squats and lunges. I used five pound weights for pretty much everything this time. I used the 10s for the lateral sumo squat hop with a curl thing. I don't remember what it's called. 

I really felt it today. Last time, I didn't really get that burn during the workout. The one that tries to make you give up, but you fight through it. I felt it this time. It wasn't as bad as some of the other workouts though. The exercises in this one only last 30 seconds except for the bonus round. I couldn't remember if this one had a bonus round, but as we were getting to the end of round 5, I was looking at the timer and realizing that a bonus round was coming. The bonus round was much easier for me this time though. I was all kinds of confused the last time, but I really focused on what she was doing and I got my legs to co-operate. 

I made it through each move without taking any breaks, but I'm pretty sure I stopped jumping with the Twisted Skaters at one point. I also didn't do so well with the one move where were were in Push Up position and jumping our legs center, and then back, and then right, and then back, and then center and then back, and then left and then back. That is probably the hardest move of the entire workout. 

My shoulders were still sore from Saturday! I could still feel it a little in my glutes if I squeezed them. My inner thighs were a little sore as well. The rest of me was pretty much recovered from last week. I spent about an hour last night foam rolling and stretching. It was mostly foam rolling with only five minutes or so devoted to stretching. I love foam rolling. I need to get back in the habit of doing it right before bed. It's so incredibly relaxing and it makes me feel a lot better. It's works better for me to do it before I'm in crazy amounts of pain though. I should have started it last Monday night, but since I didn't, I had to wait for the bulk of the DOMS to go away. Since each workout gave me new DOMS, I had to keep waiting. I'm hoping I can pull off some foam rolling every day day this week. We'll see how it goes.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

My heart rate is still way high during the workouts. It's causing the percentage of fat burn to be pretty low. I did some research and it's possible my electrolytes are out of whack. Apparently that's fairly common with low carb eating. I bought some supplements and we'll see how it goes. I only started them yesterday, so I wasn't expecting immediate results on that front. 

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

If you decide you want to try the program out, be sure to buy it from a coach so you get the free DVD that you can't get through other sources. If you don't have a coach, you can sign up with me. 

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