Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review of Cize: The End of Exericze: Day 27: Livin' in the 8s

Day 27: Living in the 8s

Day 27 was Living in the 8s. This was the final day of the regular program! It was amazing to know that I got through this program. I don't dance. I don't do dancing workouts. I can't move all of my limbs at the same time, but I did Rockin' Body and I did Cize. You don't have to be a dancer to do Shaun T's workouts. He's amazing! I used to do a lot of Leslie Sansone walking workouts because I had a hard time mimicking what was on the screen. I don't do well with reversing what I'm seeing so I always picked simple workouts. Tae Bo was another great program for me because you learned one move and then you did that one move for a long time. There were some sections where you would string together several punches, but those never went well for me. Dancing workouts are epic failures for me, but I got through four weeks of Rockin' Body and four weeks of Cize! 

The final day of the program went well. It was another day where I kept thinking to myself that it just made no sense that this program had been so difficult for me during weeks two and three. I struggled so much during those two weeks. I felt like a failure and I wanted to give up, but I kept going and I got through it and in the end, I danced like no one was watching! It was awesome sauce and amazeballs all at the same time! Once I was done, I kinda wanted to go through the program again, but hubby and I bought bikes and we were supposed to start riding in the mornings before work after I was done with Cize. I'll redo the program at some point. I might not do the full four weeks, but I'll probably do a mini round like I've done with PiYo and Les Mills Combat.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots for the workout. Look at all those calories burned! The pace of the week three workouts is much slower than the pace of the week two workouts. The week two workouts are closer to 1000 calories an hour than this. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video! 

If you decide to buy Cize, make sure you buy it from a Beachbody Coach so you can get the best price and the FREE workout! If you don't have a coach, you can sign up to get me as your coach! Shipping is about half the price through a coach and you get all of the same workouts that you'd get through the infomercial plus an extra one that you can't get through the infomercial. 

**Edited to fix the day because I jumped from 21 to 23**

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